New Social Networking Travel Community Website Launched is a new community website with a unique difference. Not only can members share travel photos, post reviews and write travel diaries but they can also find companions to share their trips- either the daily commute or a longer journey or vacation.

Harrogate, UK (PRWEB) August 16, 2006 –- is a new travel community website with a difference. Members are able post travel photos, diaries and reviews and search those from others but can also find a travel companion to share a trip- this could either be the regular daily commute or perhaps a longer trip overseas.

When most people think of travel, they think of the yearly vacation. However, people travel every day- to school, to work or to visit friends and family. In the days of rising oil prices, crowded roads and increasing pollution to our environment, the need to share trips has never been greater.

This is not the only application of the trip sharing element of If someone is back-packing around the world and wants to find a companion for a particular leg of their journey or perhaps has a trip in mind that they cannot persuade any of their friends to join them on- that two month trip to India or hike to the base camp of Everest- that person can search for a companion on It is also possible to use the site to find someone to meet with when first visiting a new city or alternatively just to find “insider information” about that location from a resident or someone who has already visited before getting there. was founded in the unlikely surroundings of Harrogate, a small spa town in the north of England. The site was founded by James Holmes, a 27 year old graduate of Oxford University. Prior to founding, James worked for a venture capital investment fund but decided to leave this to start the website.

It was during a trip to California in 2005 that James first considered the application of the social networking concept to travel after witnessing the rising popularity of sites such as MySpace, at a time at which they were little known in the United Kingdom. As an avid adventurer, having spent time working in Whistler as a ski technician and having traveled throughout Europe, Australia and the United States, the idea for was born.

“ has lots of different uses for anyone interested in travel,” said James Holmes, founder of, “it is still early days for the site but I hope people will find it both fun and also useful.”

To learn more about this website visit or contact James Holmes.

About is a new social networking travel website.

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