Restaurants, Entertainment, and Leisure Travel Hardest Hit by Rising Gas Prices, According to Recent Survey

HERNDON, Va., Sept. 30 /PRNewswire/ — NuRide, Inc. (, the nation’s first incentive-based ridesharing network, announced today the results of a recent survey of the company’s membership.

According to the NuRide survey, roughly 98% of respondents have modified their household spending due to an increase in gas prices with the hardest hit categories being dining out, entertainment and leisure travel. 32% of survey respondents have cut back spending on dining out, 15% decreased spending on entertainment and 15% reduced spending on leisure travel.

NuRide’s survey results come on the heels of an announcement last week by the American Bankers Association citing historical levels of credit card accounts that are 30 or more days past due. The announcement cites rising gas prices as the main cause for the recent surge in credit card delinquencies. This data, combined with the results from the recent NuRide survey, suggest that rising gas costs are having a significant economic impact on U.S. consumers.

NuRide’s rewards program offers a solution for both commuters and companies affected by rising gas costs. By sharing rides, NuRide members save money on gas, tolls, and vehicle wear and tear, while earning valuable rewards they can use toward purchases at restaurants and other retail businesses. Forward-looking companies such as XM Satellite Radio, Plow & Hearth and Brookstone are just some of the companies that sponsor NuRide trips and rewards today.

“By sponsoring ridesharing efforts, companies can promote their social responsibility while increasing sales and customer loyalty in a meaningful and measurable way,” said NuRide’s CEO, Rick Steele.

The NuRide Network has approximately 7,000 members with 510 members from Houston, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. participating in the survey between September 16, 2005 and September 26, 2005. On average, NuRide members commute 57.6 miles round trip, and 63% of the group has an annual household income of greater than $75,000.

About NuRide

NuRide is founded on the belief that individuals who share rides provide a valuable service to their community and should be rewarded. NuRide members use the patent-pending NuRide network to arrange ridesharing trips. For every confirmed trip they take, members accumulate “NuRide Miles” that can be used toward a variety of exclusive rewards that are made possible through the generosity of NuRide’s sponsors.

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