As The Travel Industry Evolves, So Does The Destination Specialist

RINGOES, N.J., July 12 /PRNewswire/ — As more travelers use the Internet to plan trips, the role of the travel specialist is evolving. Cyberspace has become the virtual storefront for knowledgeable destination specialists, professionals who specialize in specific locations instead of general travel services.

Destination specialist Jane McIntosh, 55, creator of Jane’s Smart Art Guides(TM), saw opportunity in the way the Internet erases geographic boundaries. What better way to launch her new site-specific art guides than on the vast forum of the worldwide web?

“At this moment, people around the globe are planning trips to European destinations,” McIntosh said. “Many of them are the art lovers for whom Jane’s Smart Art Guides(TM) are intended. The Internet allows them to find me, no matter where they live.” She knew selling her product in cyberspace would be the ideal way to reach her global market.

McIntosh’s customers are intellectually-curious, independent travelers like herself, individuals who crave high quality information about Europe’s great art sites. Delving into the essence of a single place, Jane’s Smart Art Guides(TM) are extensively researched audio tours that go far beyond the superficial commentary about a few highlights that is the standard for travel guidebooks. “I think of my guides as ‘edu-tainment,’” she said. “They engage the user, something I think is missing in other guides. And people appreciate that audio eliminates the distraction of reading a guidebook while touring.”

In the manner of a personal docent, Jane delivers the tours in her distinctive one-on-one style. Fascinating, wide-ranging information and her enthusiasm for the material contribute to the engrossing tour experience. The guides are easily customized to accommodate schedules and interest level, and feature “A Slice of History,” an informative pre-tour segment.

The guides, available on CD and in the increasingly popular downloadable MP3 format, can be purchased on her website, The user-friendly site offers audio excerpts for sampling.

McIntosh’s product draws rave reviews from discerning travelers like Roland Gasparini, a Belgian engineer who used her “smart art” at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. “I particularly remember the inscription of the artist on the entrance door,” Gasparini said. “Without the audio guide, I would have never found it. I was thrilled to be a ‘witness,’ realizing that I was one of the few amongst the crowd to know!”

An experienced businessperson with a passion for art history that began in high school, McIntosh knows that a superior product alone does not ensure success. “The challenge is cutting through cyberclutter so that the right people can find my website,” she said, referring to her marketing plan which includes distribution and Google advertising.

This summer’s releases are: Rome’s St. Peter’s Basilica ($24.95), Antwerp’s Our Lady Cathedral (8/1, $19.95), and Rome’s Santa Maria del Popolo (9/1, $19.95), with many more to come.

For more information, visit or call 1-609-466-1261.

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