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The heartbeat of San Miguel de Allende is in its people: the artisans who handcraft cabinetry and wrought iron doors, the musicians who proudly sing of Mexico’s hard-earned independence from European conquest, families who dance together in all-day fiestas wearing spectacular costumes sewn and sequined at their kitchen tables. People from all points global have made themselves at home here in this lively mix of lifestyles.

We find that many visitors come to San Miguel to discover that heartbeat, that magic. They catch a glimpse of it in the smiling, friendly faces. They see it at every fruit and flower stand along the cobbled streets. They hear it in the church bells and the slap-slap of fresh tortillas, and taste it in the carefully stirred salsas and moles. Yet they can’t – in one short week – feel like a neighbor, an integral part of the clockwork that makes San Miguel tick.

These visitors want more. Like us, they seek something different, something deeper, at this time in their lives. Simplicity. Heart. Connection. They want assurance that if they choose this place to nest for the next passage in their lives, they will awaken every day to an adventure in a community where they have a true sense of belonging.

So we decided to collect our neighbors, friends, artisans we work with, home brokers of integrity, physicians, historians, artists, chocolate-makers, attorneys, indigenous healers, chefs, architects, language teachers, decorators, antique collectors – you name it – who are integrally connected to the pulse of the San Miguel community. We asked if they might want to share their love of San Miguel, their work, their joys, and their secrets with visitors who wanted a deeper experience. They responded with resounding support and enthusiasm all the way around.

Slowly and thoughtfully (yes, we’ve lived here long enough to thrive on Mexican time!), we developed Simply San Miguel Lifestyle Tours, a way for curious visitors to meet, socialize with, and get to know the real people who keep the heart of San Miguel beating. We give the insider’s perspective that people are looking for. Our Simply San Miguel Lifestyle tour guests learn how simple it can be to enjoy San Miguel as a well-connected visitor time and again, or to become a resident of San Miguel full or part time with a ready support system.

We believe that community connection is everything. We hope you’ll enjoy our concept, and share the true wealth of — and opportunities in – our town, San Miguel de Allende.

Simply San Miguel 2006 Tour Dates
JULY 18 – 24 AUG 8 – 14
SEP 19 – 25 OCT 31 – NOV 6
DEC 11- 17


We’ve developed Simply San Miguel Lifestyle Tours as a stress-free, one-week lifestyle tour that will save you time and offer you special treatment, with access to the people, places and events that will ease your way into “ living on Mexican time.” You’ll be properly introduced to this vibrant community by a varied mix of insiders, all offering you a wealth of knowledge and perspective.

Each day’s itinerary gives you time to explore San Miguel, from real estate tours to mercado shopping, art studios, antiquing and spa visits. You’ll chat with our San Miguel neighbors, all experts in fields such as: home buying, real estate law, renovation, cultural protocol, charity-works, visas, insurance, pet care, artistic and educational opportunities. You’ll enjoy fabulous meals, fiesta music, and meet fascinating people who have made San Miguel their home.

• Private transport to and from Leon International Airport (BJX)
• Six nights’ lodging at a boutique hotel near the main square
• Daily experts’ panels & consultations
• Daily full breakfast
• Four elegant dinners/cocktail hours
• Hacienda Fiesta – Mexican comida
• Transportation with hosts to view any and all real estate
• Guided walking tour of Centro
• Bilingual drivers, hosts and experts


July 18th – 24th
The countryside turns emerald green from dramatic but short-lived thunderstorms. Fresh air and lovely temperatures (averaging from 76º days to 56º nights) make this a favorite month for those from Texas and other southern U.S. states to summer in our cool mile-high climate. Each evening in town feels like a party, with festive art openings, wine-cheese-chocolate tastings, and charity fund-raisers.

August 8th – 14th
Music floats on the breeze as renowned artists gather in San Miguel for the 28th International Chamber Music Festival. Catch free concerts in the Jardin and at Belles Artes. We’ve left extra time for Chamber Music events and exploring summer studies in art, salsa dancing, or music. The weather? Mid-80′s during the day, with nighttime showers still a possibility.

September 19th – 25th
This is party month! San Miguel is the talk of Mexico, with its grand Independence Celebration and the fiesta of its patron, Saint Michael. We’ve scheduled your tour so you won’t be bogged down by crowds, but will still enjoy the festive flavor. You’ll be here for the Running of the Bulls on Saturday morning. It’s a unique event for the young in both body and soul.

October / November Oct 31st – Nov 6th
The bounty of the Fall harvest brings mountains of orange marigolds, the flower of the Day of the Dead, (November 1 & 2). During this mystical Mexican time, when the scent of copal fills the air, we’ll lead you to authentic Dia de los Muertos events: community altars, thematic art shows and a ‘panteon’ tour.

December 11th – 17th
Escape the commercialization of Christmas; yet enjoy the best arts, crafts and textile shopping in Mexico. December 12th – the Day of Guadalupe – brings sweet parades of niños and touching mariachi serenades. Join a traditional ‘posada’ when children dressed as Mary and Joseph walk through the streets searching for room at the Inn – a simply magical evening of songs, lanterns, candles and veneration.

There’s plenty of free time for daily exploration of homes with real estate hosts, Mexican cooking classes, a visit to a rancho school, art classes, a soak in the hot springs, a vineyard tour. You name it, we can hook you up.

Settle into your colonial-style boutique hotel.
PM: WELCOME FIESTA. Cocktails & dinner at Villa Jacaranda (award-winning margaritas!) Meet tour hosts. Learn about San Miguel’s charming neighborhoods and a bit of cultural protocol. Dinner with bi-cultural neighbors integral to the community.

AM: WALKING TOUR of Centro, money exchange and ATM. Learn local lore and history of the Heartland of Mexico. Become oriented to this walkable, shoppable, colonial core of San Miguel. Tour homes if desired.

PM: LEGAL AND REAL ESTATE PANEL. Cocktails & Dinner in an elegant private home for a primer on buying property, visas, cost of ownership, taxes (low!), liquidity.

AM: DREAM HOUSE GUESTS. Breakfast Q & A session with architects, artisans, building experts. Ideas, traditions, estimated costs of building/remodeling.
PM: FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD. Cocktails/Dinner at Instituto Allende, historic school where Diego Rivera and David Siguieros worked, shaping San Miguel’s artistic personality since 1948. Dinner with local chefs, cookbook authors, cooking instructors, and host Sylvia Bernardini, head of San Miguel’s ‘Slow Foods’ international movement.

AM: MEDICAL & INSURANCE GUESTS. Hear from San Miguel’s medical community. Learn about insurance coverage – medical & dental / homeowners & vehicle.
PM: CHARITYWORKS. Cocktail Party. Chat with members of San Miguel’s many charitable organizations. These people help build camaraderie while working to improve lives in and around San Miguel.
PM: Dinner on the Town. Dine out with ‘Simply San Miguel Vouchers’.

MIDDAY: LANGUAGE, CULTURE, SPECIAL INTERESTS. Hacienda Fiesta Comida – Enjoy music and country setting with experts in: language, dance, alternative medicine, writing, photography, painting, and dressage.

PM: Hasta La Vista Dinner Fiesta planned by renowned Celebrations San Miguel. Festive surprises.

Leave knowing you now have a team of experts and new friends at the ready, who will keep you apprised of the latest information you’ve requested about beautiful San Miguel.

About San Miguel de Allende

Looking for an edge that will capture your readers, listeners and viewers? If you’ve got the writers and interview staff, we’ve got the best contacts and information about what it’s really like to live in San Miguel de Allende. Contact us for hook-ups and we’ll get you to the source. We do not charge for this service, but we DO ask that if we help, you make mention of Simply San Miguel Tours.

Boomers Across the Border
Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami, Houston, Toronto, New York –You name the place, we’ve got the hook-up. Interviews with full-time and part-time residents who’ve found interesting niches here in San Miguel. There’s singer/entertainer John Davidson and his artist wife Rhonda whose Hollywood trips…
Contact: info@simplysanmiguel.com

Homes, Haciendas and Cottages
Archways, columns, massive wood doors, stone fountains, carved cantera, hand-painted tiles and wrought iron – casas here are elegant, creating dreams of old Spain, Italy, and – of course – once upon a time in Mexico. We’ve got the stories behind the historic properties and tips from the North Americans who have restored casas here. Owners, artisans and architects share…
Contact: info@simplysanmiguel.com

Weddings, Anniversaries, Romance
Romance and magic are woven into the very soul of San Miguel. With European charm and ambiance (but without the cost of an Atlantic flight), couples luxuriate at a fraction of the cost. Think guitar serenades, roses by the bushel, exploding fireworks at midnight, giant dancing puppets leading wedding party. (They’re Mojigangas.) Planners share secrets about the most romantic…
Contact: info@simplysanmiguel.com

Cooking, Mexican Heartland-Style
From humble kitchens to shiny state-of-the-art culinary centers, cooking schools are a tasty mecca for both seasoned and would-be gourmets. What are the secrets of mole, “Mexican Truffles”, Christmas tamales, and Mexico’s150 varieties of chiles? US chefs give seasonal classes; Patsy DuBois’ opens her country home; Maria’s “Santo Tamale Kitchen” is a cozy…
Contact: info@simplysanmiguel.com

Sizzling Real Estate Market
With Northerners flocking to Mexico to settle, what’s the risk of legal ownership? In San Miguel, it’s an entirely different world from coastal and big-city Mexico markets. With the prices of historic property in the ten square blocks of centro continuing to increase, new ecology-driven developments are popping up. What to watch for in a legal transaction? The town’s eleven Notarios,…
Contact: info@simplysanmiguel.com

Artists and Authors in San Miguel
San Miguel is known for its history of being a mecca for North American artists and writers. (Since 1946 with the opening of the Instituto Allende and Belles Artes, both still offering classes.) Who’s who among working artists? What’s the story on the stories coming out of San Miguel? A coalition of writers created the Authors Sala, the 2006 Writers’ Conference brought John Berendt of Midnight in the Garden of Good and…
Contact: info@simplysanmiguel.com

Wave of Young Entrepreneurs
New technology is changing the face of San Miguel. There’s Wi-Fi in centro and cafés for high-speed Internet hook-up, and cable and satellite connections for VoIP phones. Now it’s possible to be working from L. A., but be sitting in the town square where ringing church bells are the only give-away. This technology has brought many ’30 and ‘40 somethings here to raise their families. Local entrpreneurial businesses include the Zaragoza Winery, Toddy Coffee, Premier Home Rentals, Finca Design…
Contact: info@simplysanmiguel.com

Decorating and Furniture-Making
Freedom, fun and exquisite elegance in hand-crafted works mark the look of interior design. Carving and tile centers in Dolores Hidalgo and Queretaro’s ‘Cantera Mile’. The Aurora Factory, a brought-back-to-life cotton mill, is an outlet for the most exquisite furnishings and art. Manufacturers…
Contact: info@simplysanmiguel.com

Colors of San Miguel
Terracotta reds. Tuscan olive. Tobacco. The palettes of the streets and homes here are rustic and comforting. Hot magenta. Lime green. Mango orange. These are the colors of fiestas, clothing, and flowers. It’s a photographer’s and artist’s paradise…
Contact: info@simplysanmiguel.com

Folk Art and Dance Masks
The ochre and cobalt blue walls of Heidi and Bill LeVasseur’s highly-rated B&B display some of the finest folk art in all of Mexico. They travel the country collecting authentic masks at indigenous danzas, and support traditional folk artists, including the amate paper maestro whose work in the Smithsonian Institute…
Contact: info@simplysanmiguel.com

Mano A Mano: Helping
North Americans who relocate to San Miguel dive right in and help, bettering community life, while dusting off and redirecting their life skills and experiences. Feed the Hungry feeds over 3,000 kids, Pro Niños brings medical care to rural families, CASA supplies reproductive health care, Audobon addresses water issues. Scholarships strengthen minds so the next generation will hopefully not need to cross the border to feed their families. Locals and foreigners work hand in hand…
Contact: info@simplysanmiguel.com

Gold-Medal Skaters Turned Artists
Living in San Miguel are some world-champion Canadian ice skaters, who have been infused by a second wind of creativity and are finding personal and public success in art, music and filmmaking. There’s Toller Cranston, just named Skater of the Century by the World Ice Skating Association…
Contact: info@simplysanmiguel.com

Shamen, Healing and the Moon
Mexico conjures up the mystical. San Miguel offers all avenues of guided exploration of sublime ancient knowledge and its contemporary applications. Participate in the full moon ceremony above the deep canyon, take classes on the Feminine Divine, work with teachers and healers to unblock life’s paths. Did you know that there are more indigeous shamen …
Contact: info@simplysanmiguel.com

Whatever San Miguel topic you’re writing about, our Lifestyle Tours can hook you up. There’s music, building tips, families, sports, wines, history, ecology, Talevera tile-making…

Photo Credit: John Sholtis

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