Snow Birds Have Arrived More Are Coming

ST. PETERSBURG, FL — (MARKET WIRE) — 02/27/2006 — There are an estimated one million of them flocking to Florida locations right now. They will be, for the first time, greeted with an official trademarked design.

Concentrations of Snow Birds whether temporary residents or seasonal hotel/motel visitors have a major impact on traffic patterns, sales tax collections, seasonal demand for goods and services and many other aspects of life in Florida.

Counting Snow Birds has always been a challenge for Florida State demographers but in November, 2004, the first official count of Snow Birds was announced: 920,000 temporary residents at the peak of winter season — not counting hotel and motel stays estimated at another 80,000 to 90,000. This year, a conservative estimate exceeds one million northern visitors.

Some residents welcome Snow Birds, others consider them an interruption to “life as usual,” but they are a fact of life and they do have a major impact on the State of Florida. Finally, they will be recognized in a new trademarked design. They will have official and exclusive hotel headquarters in various areas, regional clubs and even a website offering identifying apparel, stationary, tote bags, club information and more.

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