Travel Safe with Exclusive Travel-Wise Products for the Smart Traveler

Arrive fit and relaxed at your destination with healthy approach to your travels. offers two unique and exclusive travel kits to help travelers fight illness and overcome jet lag. It’s the perfect way to maximize enjoyment from your Christmas vacation.

(PRWEB) December 17, 2005 — Christmas is the time for fun, family and feasting. It’s also the one of the most stressful times of the year, especially when traveling any distance to see friends and relatives.

The last thing loved ones need is an unexpected illness or jet lag. That’s why has developed two unique packages – Infection and Disease Avoidance Kit and Jet Lag Prevention Kit – to helpkeep sickness and tiredness from ruining the holidays.

The handy travel-sized packages of herbs and vitamins will help battle the common germs found in airports and airplanes or just rejuvenate you after a long flight. Both products are available for immediate shipment to you from


Germs are frequent flyers too. In fact, they love the close confines of a plane with its dry recycled air and long contact with their hosts. The Travel-Wise Infection and Disease Avoidance Kit contains instructions, advice and the natural components your body needs to ward of many of these nasty germs. The VIP Filter Cream alone is worth the price of the kit. This exclusive product, developed for, irrigates the nasal cavity to keep it working in top form against airborne bugs. This package sells for just $19.95 at


Flying over multiple time zones creates jet lag. The resulting weariness can make you vulnerable to illness and misery. Why let jet lag ruin your Christmas vacation. That’s why developed this unique kit, chock full of all-natural ingredients to help your body quickly adjust to the new schedule at your destination. The simple directions and perfect product allow you to enjoy maximum relief quickly from jet lag. This package also sells for just $19.95 from is a leading international travel website committed to helping travelers get the most from their trips. It offers first-hand travel guides to hundreds of destinations around the world. – “Where Smart Travelers Come First.”

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