Travelers Aid Continues to Assist Stranded & Delayed Travelers as NWA Strike Continues

DETROIT, Aug. 26 /PRNewswire/ — Travelers Aid Society of Metropolitan Detroit announced its Continued support to the distressed travelers inconvenienced as the Northwest Airlines Strike continues at metropolitan Detroit airport. In wake of the approaching strike, Travelers Aid Society increased its presence at the McNamara terminal to accommodate the increased volume of delayed Northwest travelers. The airline strike by the Northwest union mechanics began Saturday, August 20, 2005 at 12:01 a.m. Since the strike’s inception, Northwest Airlines has experienced a high number of flight delays and cancellations as the mechanics strike reaches day six.

Travelers Aid Society of Metropolitan Detroit has worked diligently to maintain its commitment to the many dejected travelers flying Northwest airlines. “Travelers Aid Society is ready to assist stranded travelers and is open to working with the unions and NWA for the common good of helping people in need,” states Nathaniel Warshay, Travelers Aid Society Board Vice President.

Travelers Aid Society of Metropolitan Detroit has assisted over 950,000 metropolitan airport travelers since 1948. In the past year alone, approximately 55,000 travelers have been serviced by the non-profit organization. Travelers Aid Society of Metropolitan Detroit is a human services agency with services that range from working with 2500 homeless and at-risk families a year to assisting hundreds of runaways find their way back home. At Metro Airport, Travelers Aid serves travelers by extending prompt, courteous assistance to senior adults, people with special needs, to serving as an information resource center designed to assist foreign & domestic passengers. Travelers Aid Society also acts as a crisis management center during emergencies or special circumstances at the airport and provides extra special care to those individuals who have been left stranded or deserted on airport grounds. Travelers aid is visible, reachable and assessable to passengers when flying into Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

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