An Eye For Adventure: Announces the Results From Recently Done Survey

LONDON, December 14/PRNewswire/ — Are blue eyed people attracted by the sea? Do those with brown eyes head for the hills or green eyes take to the fields?

It’s certainly a possibility, now that online travel site has discovered links between eye colour and the kind of holidays that people like to take.

People with blue eyes, it seems, are more adventurous than their differently-shaded fellow travellers. They’re more likely to take a two week holiday each year, along with a few short breaks, and enjoy the travel itself – along with exploring new places – more than others.

More blue eyed people book directly with flight companies and hotels, whereas green eyed people are the most clued up on internet booking sites. While more green eyed people think of great beaches as their most vivid holiday memories, more blue eyed people say that ‘getting lost’ stands out for them!

Green eyed people are the biggest risk-takers and are the most likely to entertain their friends and family with tales of their adventures on holiday.

The survey – which also covered gender, age, hair colour, height, location and star sign – challenges the idea that only younger people want to make adventurous trips, with those over 55 years coming out at the top of the risk-takers league.

So watch out for those crazy green-eyed grannies! is the leading comparative website to find the best deals in flights, accommodation and everything else the independent traveller needs.

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