Releases TravelPatch For Travel Bloggers scores travel Blogging Industry first with unique TravelPatch electronic calling cards.

(PRWEB) December 2, 2005 — TravelPod, the Web’s Original Travel Blog, announced that it has released the Beta version of its new TP TravelPatch.

“Think of it as a personal branding patch,” said Luc Levesque, founder and VP Technology of TravelPod Corporation. “It’s like an online version of the flag sewn on a traveler’s backpack.” TravelPod members can use the TP TravelPatch to place a personalized, dynamic, mini-page of travel photos and maps into their personal websites or everyday journals. Levesque explained that many members maintain some kind of web presence in addition to their travel blogs. “The TP TravelPatch gives our members an easy way to link visitors to their travel blogs from within any other webspace.”

Martin Horne, president of TravelPod Corporation, said the TP TravelPatch is the first feature of it’s kind for a travel blogging service. “We’re always working on ways to help our members promote their travel writing,” said Horne, “and better ways to encourage visitors at one web space to click through to”

Horne observed that static hyperlinks are not the most effective way to draw attention. He compared the TP TravelPatch to an eye-catching animated banner that implements two of the key principles of Web 2.0–personalization and community. “The TravelPatch serves up a uniquely personalized link to members’ travel blogs,” said Horne, “and it presents a very compelling path for social interactions among the many communities occupied by our members.”

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TravelPod Corporation was formed in 2005 to operate enables real and virtual travelers to share personal travel stories in a secure, real-time, moderated, on-line environment., the Web’s Original Travel Blog, has been in continuous operation since 1997.

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