is the Newest Interactive Travel Website

NewswireToday – /newswire/ – Malverne, NY, United States, 08/02/2006 – The internet’s newest user, interactive travel website. Users can post travel stories or look for information about destinations at

A unique travel website, launched by, offers travelers a way to write about their favorite destinations and share stories with other trekkers. A travel site works similar to the way wikipedia is set up, and allows users to write and edit entry about the most popular travel destinations.

“TrekkerTime is a great place where users can interact with each other and share their opinions any travel destination,” said TrekkerTime Executive Editor Dominick A. Miserandino. “We need stories and travel tidbits from everyone to help make the site the most complete travel information destination. We hope the site becomes more popular and familiar than Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Mel Gibson combined.”

TrekkerTime begins with a list of the continents and users can pick on which one they want to visit or share their stories about. From there visitors can pick the country, city, or exact location they want to research or tell about. Users can also add information about a city or landmark they have visited, but have does not appear on the site. The blue words lead readers in sub-pages and make the website very reader friendly, without overloading the page with text.

To add stories is very simple, just click the edit button on the top of any screen and type in what should be added or changed. It is just like typing in Microsoft Word or AppleWorks. It is easier to add information to TrekkerTime than it is to get away with using steroids in MLB.

“I really want to see the site full of content,” Miserandino said. “I want it to be the first place travelers go to when sharing stories or looking at possible vacation destinations.”

With its unique interactive design, is the place to go to get actual information on travel locations from everyday people.

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