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Two United Kingdom based social entrepreneurs are looking for 5000 people from around the globe to sign-up to tribewanted to form a tribe that will develop a sustainable eco-community on an island in Fiji that tribe members can then visit.

(PRWEB) April 5, 2006 — Mark James and Ben Keene, both 26 and from the United Kingdom, have set up www.tribewanted.com to invite people to join a tribe by registering for one of the 5000 places available.

When the 5000th member joins the tribe will be formed and will start to make important decisions by voting through the tribewanted.com community on key issues including: What will the tribe be called? Who will be the 12 Chiefs that lead the tribe? What kind of infrastructure will be required on the Island? What kind of Island activities and adventures should be introduced? What are the most environmentally friendly ways of building an island community? What will the tribe grow on the island?

Mark had been reading a British explorers book about island living when the thunderbolt struck: Would it be possible to bring people together from all over the world through an online community to form a real life island tribe? Mark jumped onto MSN and told his mate Ben.

Just 6 weeks later they had an agreement with a local Fijian chief, island landowner and its only inhabitant, Tui Mali, to work in partnership for 3 years with his neighbouring island tribe to build a sustainable island community.

The plan is to create the world’s first online and real life tribal community, providing an experience of a lifetime to its members whilst simultaneously helping local development projects in Fiji and without negatively impacting the environment!

Membership to the tribe will be sold on a first come first served basis on tribewanted.com. Membership begins not when a tribe member joins but on the day the tribe is formed, the day the 5000th member joins. Tribe members will be able to reserve their stay on the island when the tribe is formed. There will be no more than 100 on the island at any one time. The joining fee will cover food and accommodation on the island for their period of stay, pick-up from the local airport in Fiji, and access to the tribewanted.com community throughout their membership.

The money will also support local education and environmental projects in the island’s neighbouring villages. There are 3 types of membership to choose from:

Nomads – 1 years membership of tribe + 7 nights stay on island> $210
Hunters – 2 years membership of tribe + 14 nights stay on island > $420
Warriors – 3 years membership of tribe + 21 nights stay on island > $630

Speaking about Tribewanted Mark James commented,

“The local tribal chief, Tui Mali, feared the worst for his land in terms of a massive hotel complex being built by some vast tour operator. I knew Tribewanted had a chance not only to prevent this from happening but also to support him and the local villages in their own community projects. As part of the partnership, for example, we have agreed to financially support the local schools and provide boat engines for the fishermen as well as generating employment in the local communities.”

Ben Keene, co-founder of Tribewanted said,

“Tribewanted offers people the chance to be part of a real life adventure where they can influence the development of the tribal community online before visiting the island itself. We have teamed up with Climate Care and are committed to offsetting all carbon emissions generated by the island community and we will be seriously encouraging all tribe members to offset their flight emissions to and from Fiji. We want to be the first ever climate neutral tribe!”

He continued, “We want people from all walks of life with all kinds of skills and interests to join the tribe; from gap year students, career breakers and adventurous travellers to those with specific building, design and environmental skills to help develop the community. Having led development projects in Africa and in the South Pacific I can see the huge potential of this project for both the local Fijian communities and the newly formed tribe. This is an opportunity for a great partnership, a celebration of culture and life, and an adventure of a lifetime for all involved.”

‘Adventure Island’ is situated 25 minute boat ride off the north coast of Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second largest island.


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