TripDiary Makes it Easy to Create and Share Online Travelogues

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) August 8, 2006 — A new free web site, ( lets travellers easily share vacation photos, notes and maps with friends and family. “Anyone, regardless of his or her technical background, can create a trip diary in seconds,” said co-founder Ian Donen. “And with the integrated road and satellite maps, viewers can see not only what you did, but exactly where you did it.”

Users can create unlimited diaries, each with an unlimited number of diary entries. They can attach multiple photos with captions and automatic-thumbnails to each diary entry — as well as videos. The exact location of each diary entry can be set, and a road-map, satellite, or hybrid view of the geographic location preselected. An automatically generated interactive map provides an overview of the locations visited. And users can control the privacy settings of their diaries and each entry, ranging from allowing anyone to view and add comments to only allowing specific friends or the user exclusively.

Review comments have been very positive in terms of’s usefulness and ease of use: “Now, after 145 years the postcard’s days are numbered, thanks to a new, free, and very cool Web 2.0 alternative. A site called combines an easy blog service with Google Maps to create the ultimate postcard replacement. The company claims that it takes only 30 seconds to create a trip diary (it took me 12 seconds). After that, it’s very easy to add photos and comments and — the best part — update a Google Maps object that pinpoints the location of said photos and comments. It’s so easy that even an adult can do it.” (Mike Elgan,

“It’s no surprise that a company like TripDiary would spring up and give people a really easy place to organize their photos and stories to share with anybody they like.The entire site is pretty straightforward. You basically just upload photos and enter captions. Your TripDiary can be shared exclusively or with anybody out there.” (Aneil Weber,

“TripDiary is different than photo sharing and blog hosting sites in that its features and user interface are specifically geared toward creating and viewing travelogues,” said Donen. “We’re providing a way for users to really tell an organized timelined story about their trips, along with maps, photos and videos, as well as chat and instant messaging.”

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