Be in the Know Before You Go

Los Angeles, CA – (August 1, 2006) – Tripmates (, the first truly interactive travel community that connects people from all over the world through a social network with a travel twist, announced today the official launch of its beta website.

Los Angeles’ hottest under 30 power couple, entertainment lawyer Sam Rogoway and publicist Emily Dahlberg, are the creative masterminds behind Tripmates. Frequent travelers, Rogoway and Dahlberg often found that travel guides led them to empty restaurants, glorified roach motels and run-down night clubs. Rogoway and Dahlberg felt the need to create an up-to-date, candid and interactive travel community aimed at young and hip travelers who want to be “in the know before they go.” Leaving their secure jobs behind, Rogoway and Dahlberg, along with the help of investors, were able to bring their vision to life.

Tripmates is an interactive travel community that connects members before they depart and keeps travelers in touch while they’re away. Tripmates allows globe-trekkers to meet locals or people traveling to their destination, find a “trip buddy” so they don’t have to travel alone, discover current and unbiased travel info from member-generated reviews and discussions, ask a “trip guru” for insider travel tips, and share travel blogs and photos.

Tripmates is ideal for world travelers and weekend vacationers alike, and perfect for students, singles, and couples seeking to explore—whether on a road trip, a semester abroad, or a tropical vacation. Plus, Tripmates offers Tripvite, an exciting group travel feature that takes the guess work out of group trips and ensures no one is waiting at the wrong gate.

“We are thrilled to launch the world’s first truly interactive travel community website to connect people worldwide and eliminate the term tourist,” said CEO and founder Sam Rogoway. “Our social network takes online travel to the next level. Not only are we revolutionizing the way people obtain and share travel information, but we are creating a phenomenon of trip buddies and travel dating.”

To log on, create your own personal profile, and begin planning your next trip visit – it’s absolutely free!

About Tripmates

Whether you are interested in meeting locals or fellow travelers during a trip or finding a “trip buddy” so you don’t have to travel alone, Tripmates’ interactive travel community gets you connected before you depart. Plus, as a Tripmates member you can create Trip Blogs and Trip Albums to share your travel journals and photos, find current and candid information about your destination from our member-created travel reviews and Trip Forum, ask a “trip guru” for insider advice about your destination, organize group trips with Tripvite, and explore all of the fun places your tripmates have discovered.

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