To Try Tahiti is to Adopt It

Propelling the Tahiti Trend in the US and around the World. , the internet Brand, Tahiti and its islands, the Trend,the natural aphrodisiac for your love.

Papeete, Tahiti and Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) September 13, 2006 — After the immense response from so many countries in the world, it has encouraged us to continue our promotion campaign. The United Kingdom has massively responded to our “call from the islands,” as well as Canada and Germany.

The Tahiti Romantic film festival is also attracting lots of amateurs. If you want to participate, you’ll find details on our website. ” We are inviting amateurs and professionals of the Sundance Film Festival in Utah to join the Tahiti Film Festival and enjoy the sexiest island in the World.”

After their outstanding success in 2005, the second International of Tattooing organized by Tattoonesia – will take place in Tahiti from the 9 to the 12 of November 2006 at the Sheraton Hotel Tahiti. To host the Tattoonesia international convention, the Sheraton Hotel Tahiti will offer more than 40 booths for entertainment and shows in the evenings.

Tattoos have been a part of Polynesian Culture recognized today around the world said the Polynesian Minister for the Culture, Tauhiti Nena. The organizers of this convention launches an International invitation to all Polynesian Tattooers,models men and women tattoed of any origins and countries that wish to participate. Twelve models will be retained . Check info on our website.

Forty Polynesians and International tattooers are expected to demonstrate their trendy and popular art. A survey from the Ohio University said that about 1 of every 7 adults has a tattoo and young adults are 10 times more likely to sport permanent skin illustration that are members of their parents’ generation.

The International Elite of tattooers from Tahiti, USA, Samoa, Rapa Nui, Japan, New Zealand, Hawaii, Holland, Italy will be present at that three-day event.

The Tattoo beauties awards 2006 will be given to men and women locals and international models with the most artistic tattoo participating in the contest.

”For Tattoos lovers, this is the event not to miss. And who knows maybe the team of Miami Ink very popular TV show will show up. That’ll be a blast.”

While you are there, like Sharon Stone, Oprah and most recently Britney Spears, you can have your Tahitian Black Pearl piece of jewelry.” As you know, Tahiti is the world kingdom of Tahitian Black Pearls with thousands of models to select from. If you are crazy about your wife, this is the priceless gift : Tahiti Film Festival in Bora Bora, Tahitian Black Pearls….no doubt she’ll be crazier about you.” They also have some unique designs for men.

In sports, Dennis Sommmers is undisputed on the Tahiti-Moorea-Tahiti course with a time of 35 minutes.

Denis Sommers, originating from the atoll of Ahe (Tuamotu), affirms that it would participate in 2007 at the championship of the world of this discipline.

” Those racing toys easily cost around $30,000, a small fortune, but so much fun . Ten competitors were challenging also against weather condtions due to strong currents shaping waves up to two meters high in the middle between the two islands”.

As promised and backed by public demand, The Tahiti Nui Tribe will be officially launched on Sept 30th.It promises to be very popular and lots of fun. Indeed,nature lovers will enjoy real legendary Maohi hospitality. provides a link ” best kept secret” to see one of the guesthouses among 28 existing proudly carrying the label of” Polynesian Authentic Seal”. A tremendous attention has been applied to make your stay an unforgettable delight. Pensions de familles or guest house,” a home away from home in these heavenly islands”.
GIE Tahiti Tourisme website is accessible by clicking on Calendar of events 2006. will offer a free download to Ipod users and we anticipate the collaboration of Apple , creator of that marvel of technology. Tahiti and its islands in the palm of your hand. How cool is that? This feature will be available next week

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