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Tahiti-Papeete (PRWEB) October 16, 2006 — As we have announced a month ago, The Tahiti Film Festival is having great reviews around the World. Several celebrities will honor this Film Grand Premiere in Bora Bora. We have talked with Pascale Fortunat, this lady with so much energy trying to put Tahiti and its islands like the Cinema Capitol of the South Pacific. Her words best describe how fast you can fall in love with our islands :

Some men see things the way they are and ask, “Why?” I dream things that never were, and ask “Why not?” said George Bernard Shaw. At Passions Productions, we are among those people who constantly ask “why not” and strive to transform their dreams and visions into reality.

”A few years ago, as I was sitting one night on an islet surrounded by the pristine waters of the Bora Bora lagoon, I had a vision. I dreamt I would come back to this “Mai Te Pora”, (conceived by Gods) island to show movies in a very different way: under the moonlight and the Millions of stars of the South Pacific. Romantic movies to be screened in this most exquisite and romantic setting where Polynesians tell you dreams do come true everyday.”

”Three years, a lot of hardship and footwork, and hours of secret negotiations later, we are about to launch the Tahiti International Film Festival for Romantic Movies to take place for the first time ever on a deserted “motu”, premiering December 2, 2006. And since a love story — one of a forbidden love that happens to be one of the last great examples of American silent film — was shot on location, we decided to open the Festival with it. Therefore, Tabu directed by F. W. Murnau and awarded an Oscar for cinematography in 1931 will officially open the 2006 Tahiti Film Festival.”

The Tahiti Nui Tribe is up and you are invited to register and receive newsletters of deals, charters and events held in Tahiti and its islands. All organizations, Churches, Cultural and Sportings are welcomed to send us their requests. Invite relatives and friends to join us.

”Also the pride of is the creation of, our own search engine. Indeed, to strengthen the promotion and presence of our heavenly islands on the net , we offer to register 150 websites within the tourism industry and related services based in Tahiti Nui as well as websites selling products Made in Tahiti.” This process will be appied monthly meaning that 150 websites are registered each month untill Jan 10 2007. First comes , first served basis. The registration/ submission is free and valid for one year. There is a lot of room for all of us. Of course, we accept all websites to register with except all adults related materials and sites containing vulgarity. is connected with 75,000 other engines and directories. will also select a site and its products each month to be mentioned on our press release. We have already provided direct links from to ” special places ” based on their profound knowledge of our islands.” We want to share with you more of those entrepreneurs we proudly call those who made Tahiti Nui, the best destination on earth ”. Visit The Magic of Moorea with Hiro, click on the link available at

The Team of has met with Dr William Burke, President of the New Las Vegas Marathon to plan the possibility of The Tahiti-International Marathon in Tahiti. William Burke is the man behind both Los Angeles Marathon and the New Las Vegas Marathon. We can only admire his great success. This magnificient competition has harvested 11,000 runners in 2005. This year, the team of the new LV Marathon is aiming ”Citius,Altius,Fortius ”faster higher stronger – with 15,000 participants. This noble discipline will bring runners from all over the world to our islands.

We need to launch the Tahiti Trend and with all the Maohi friends from over 90 countries that have massively responded to our Press Releases, we have no doubt that we will succeed. Over 700,000 tourists from England and 250,000 from the U.S spend their vacations in New Zealand or Australia every year. It seems like no one has invited you to enjoy Tahiti and its islands. Otherwise said ,” you flew over the most beautiful islands in the world without stopping there.” Well, now we are here to give you what you have missed so far. For any size of groups/charters, email us, we assure you an inenarrable experience.

”One question : where will you be freezing your joli butt between now and April 2007 when you could be in Tahiti enjoying the most unforgettable moment of your life?
We know where we won’t be freezing ours ! Hope to see you there.” wants to fly 500,000 tourists to Tahiti and its islands. A dream ? When you passionately believe in something that does not exist, you create it! promotes exclusively Tahiti and its islands.
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