Unknown Tracks Through New Zealand’s Wilderness

With some superb natural attractions that keep tourists coming back year after year, New Zealand is a popular destination for those looking to explore some spectacular wilderness. Some of the more popular places to explore such as the Milford Track do offer some brilliant views and fantastic scenery, but there are other less known tracks where you can enjoy some of the country’s wilderness.

The Hollyford Track
Winding through a large beech forest that inhabits the deep south of New Zealand and onto the beaches on the West Coast, the Hollyford Track gains less notoriety than other tracks in the country but is still superb. As you pass through the forest, you can enjoy the amazing smells of the beech before you head onto the beaches with their clear sea airs making it an unforgettable trek.

Many people enjoy going trekking through areas on their own or with a friend or family member, but the Hollyford Track can be quite testing so it is best to find yourself a guide who will know the track and the best routes.

One of the highlights of the trek is after you emerge from the beech forest and onto the first beach, as you will be greeted by plenty of penguins, seals and dolphins that you can admire after a hard day’s trekking.

Abel Tasman
Located on the tip of the South Island, the Abel Tasman is slightly easier than the Hollyford Track. Along the way, you will be able to stay at some great little huts for the night and the beaches along the way are spectacular and secluded.

The popularity of this trek has started to become increasingly popular so for an alternative way of completing the route, you can bring a kayak and follow the route of the track from the sea, which is generally calm all year round.

Getting There
If you are a trekking enthusiast and are looking for some great trails, then New Zealand has plenty for you to explore. Cheapflights have great offers all year round to many destinations so visit the cheapflights website and find the best deal and start planning your exciting trekking destinations.

Best Times to Go
As with most tracks around the world, the best time to go is around the summer and spring time which is when you will be able to avoid most of the rain and the mud.

During the winter, the Hollyford Track can become bogged down making a testing trek even harder.
With regards to the Abel Tasman, trekking along the route during the warmer seasons means that you will be able to get the most out of your trek by going swimming in the seas there. The Hollyford Tracks coast beaches can be quite wild and rough throughout many parts of the year.

No matter what time you go in the year, it is imperative that you check with local trekking board to find out the trek and weather conditions as you may find yourself stranded for days waiting for parts of the track to become passable again.

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