Upgrading to First Class: How Timeshare Improves Your Vacations

SEATTLE, Oct. 11 /PRNewswire/ — Philip was 87, and his wife, Martha, was 85 when they bought their first timeshare, proving that you’re never too old to have more fun. “We’ve both worked our whole lives,” Philip told the salesperson. “We deserve to go first class.”

Writer and timeshare consultant, Lisa Ann Schreier, has made a career of helping people attain first-class vacations. If you are a timeshare owner, she says, “there is no doubt that timeshares have significantly improved your vacations … and much more.”

What does it mean to have a “better” vacation? Lisa Ann Schreier, author of “Timeshare Vacations for Dummies” (Wiley Publishing), examines that question in her latest article, “Nothing Less Than First Class.”

Ms. Schreier interviewed several people for her article and found vastly different examples of how timeshares have not only improved their vacations, but also their lifestyles and, ultimately, their lives. Schreier observes: “One of the great things about timeshare is that it can do so many different things for so many different people and yet somehow remain a fairly simple to use product.”

The article represents the latest collaboration between Holiday Group, a Seattle-based timeshare reseller, and Ms. Schreier in an ongoing effort to educate vacation consumers about the benefits of timesharing. The article may be accessed at http://www.holidaygroup.com/email/improvelifestyle.php .

About the author

Lisa Ann Schreier is the founder of Timeshare Insights, an independent and unbiased organization dedicated to guiding consumers through the world of timeshare. She has authored two successful books on timesharing, and is a frequent contributor to media outlets across the country, including CNBC. Her articles have appeared in such publications as the New York Times and Ladies Home Journal. For more information, visit www.timeshareinsights.com.

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