USA Today Online Poll Finds Strong Support for DayJet ‘Per-Seat, On-Demand’ Jet Service

Half of All Respondents Say They Will Try Innovative On-Demand Jet Service

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., May 2 /PRNewswire/ — A new USA Today online poll reveals strong interest in “Per-Seat, On-Demand” jet travel, such as that announced by DayJet(TM) Corporation on April 25, 2005. More than 3,000 people have responded to the online survey so far, which poses the question: “How likely are you to patronize an on-demand airline flying very light jet (VLJ) aircraft?” More than half of survey respondents said they will try “Per-Seat, On-Demand” jet service. The survey is posted in the online version of the USA Today newspaper.

According to the poll, a total of 51 percent of survey participants answered “yes” to the question, indicating that they would patronize an on- demand service such as that offered by DayJet. Survey participants could only provide one answer. Ten percent acknowledged “I’ve been waiting for this chance my whole life,” while 28 percent answered “seems convenient; I’m anxious to give it a go,” and 13 percent agreed “I’ll try anything once.”

Twenty-two percent of respondents expressed some concern about the anticipated price of on-demand jet travel. DayJet has announced that its “Per-Seat, On-Demand” jet service will be tailored to each customer’s individual schedule and will cost slightly more than full-fare coach travel. This compares to typical jet charter rates that cost thousands of dollars per hour. In addition, twelve percent said that they didn’t travel enough for the service to make a difference.

“The USA Today poll corroborates the results we’ve seen from our own market research conducted over the past two years with hundreds of business travelers and corporate managers,” said DayJet president and CEO Ed Iacobucci. “Given a choice, a large percentage of people would like a new option in regional business travel. People are tired of the hassles of driving 200-to- 600-miles for business trips, and they’re ready for a convenient and efficient alternative. DayJet will provide just that alternative starting next year, making direct, on-demand air transportation between regional markets a commercial reality.”

As part of its extensive research and development efforts, DayJet Corporation has conducted 20 focus groups in nine states to gain a first-hand understanding of regional business travel frustrations and priorities. DayJet’s research reveals a strong, latent demand for convenient “Per-Seat, On-Demand” jet services. Typical of the focus group responses is this comment from Shawn McGregor, director of marketing for Horne LLP:

“Some of our biggest business opportunities are in hard-to-reach locations that may only have one or two scheduled flights a day. DayJet will make it easy to get to these places fast, increasing our ability to visit clients and branch office employees more often … and more effectively. Just being able to visit clients more frequently has huge value and will serve to strengthen these relationships and increase our productivity. Today, I spend up to 40 hours driving to regional business trips each month. DayJet on-demand jet service could replace half of my driving trips. I’m definitely looking forward to trying DayJet as soon as it’s available in my market.”

About Per-Seat, On-Demand Jet Service

DayJet “Per-Seat, On-Demand” jet service will make the convenience of corporate jet travel broadly available and affordable for more people and organizations, turning wasted travel time into valuable business and personal time. “Per-Seat” means you only pay for the seat(s) you reserve, not the whole aircraft. “On-Demand” means you fly where and when it is convenient for you.

About DayJet Corporation

Founded by prominent high-tech entrepreneur Ed Iacobucci, DayJet Corporation is the pioneer of a new type of regional travel: “Per-Seat, On- Demand” jet service tailored to the passenger’s individual schedule and priced only slightly higher than full-fare coach airfares. Currently headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida, DayJet has developed this new industry’s first real- time operations system. Combined with the speed and efficiency of new- generation small jet aircraft, DayJet has created the next major advance in regional business travel. For more information visit

DayJet Corporation’s proposed “Per-Seat, On-Demand” service and any statements made in connection therewith are subject to the receipt of operating authority from the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Transportation under Title 49 of United States Code.

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