National Football League Players Association Offers Its Members a New Way to Vacation Through Exclusive Resorts(SM)

Luxury Residence Club to Make Charitable Contribution for Every NFLPA Member Who Joins

DENVER and WASHINGTON, Feb. 2 /PRNewswire/ — The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) today announced that it will be working with Exclusive Resorts, the world’s leading luxury residence club, to provide its members with a new luxury vacation alternative. Exclusive Resorts offers its members access to nearly 300 multi-million dollar vacation homes in 36 distinctive destinations around the world, a welcome retreat for well-traveled NFL players accustomed to hotel stays.

In keeping with the long-standing tradition of NFL players’ involvement in their communities and generous charitable contributions, Exclusive Resorts will make a $25,000 charitable donation on behalf of NFLPA. For each NFLPA member who joins Exclusive Resorts, the club will make an additional contribution to a charitable organization designated by the NFLPA.

This relationship further extends the range of valuable benefits offered by the union to its active and retired NFL player members. Members of NFLPA will receive multiple benefits when they join Exclusive Resorts, including a dedicated Regional Director to assist in evaluation of the club, a dedicated Member Services Manager to assist with all aspects of vacation planning, and a special Membership Fee. Several current and former NFL players and coaches are already experiencing the Exclusive Resorts lifestyle, including All-Pro quarterback Drew Brees and All-Pro linebacker Donnie Edwards, both of the San Diego Chargers.

“As a member of Exclusive Resorts, I know just how much other players and coaches will be amazed by the Exclusive Resorts vacation experience,” Brees said. “With my work with the Brees Dream Foundation trying to fight cancer and improve the lives of cancer patients, I’m especially proud to be part of two organizations with such a strong commitment to giving back and making a difference in the lives of others.”

Edwards, whose nationwide Jump for Life program is helping kids tackle obesity, agreed, adding, “What’s really exciting for me is knowing that by joining Exclusive Resorts, I’ve helped contribute to charitable organizations that really make a difference in our community. Like a lot of NFLPA members, I’m blessed to be in a position to contribute financially to such great causes, and having a partner like Exclusive Resorts join us in that effort means even more of a positive impact can be made in the lives of individuals in need.”

“We are proud that the National Football League Players Association has selected Exclusive Resorts to provide the perfect vacation solution to its members and their families,” said Donn Davis, CEO of Exclusive Resorts. “We all know — perhaps professional athletes better than any of us — how the rigors of hard work and distance from our families make rest and relaxation such a luxury. That’s what we provide: the convenience, privacy, variety, and luxurious service and accommodations that can only be found in an Exclusive Resorts membership — and the satisfaction that comes with sharing those experiences with family and friends.”


The National Football League Players Association is the exclusive collective bargaining agent for all players employed by clubs of the National Football League, governed by a volunteer board of active NFL players elected by their teammates on each team. Founded in 1956, this Association represents all NFL players: past, present and future. The NFLPA works to ensure the rights and interests of NFL players are protected. The NFLPA staff negotiates benefits, working conditions, minimum salaries and the salary cap/free agency system with NFL management; provides legal representation for players in disputes between players and clubs and NFL, certifies player agents and administers a program to register financial advisors. In addition, the NFLPA strives to be a valuable resource and to maximize player opportunities on and off the field through membership programs and community activities. The NFLPA founded and owns a separate for-profit marketing and licensing company called PLAYERS INC.

About Exclusive Resorts:

Exclusive Resorts is the leader in the new consumer segment of luxury residence clubs. Exclusive Resorts offers its members unprecedented access to a portfolio of hundreds of the finest luxury vacation residences in dozens of the world’s most desirable destinations. With an average value of approximately $3 million, each residence combines the spaciousness and elegance of a private home with the services, amenities and conveniences of a five star resort. Membership in Exclusive Resorts eliminates the burdens of owning a second home, the limitations of fractional real estate, and the uncertainties of renting a villa. Members of Exclusive Resorts pay a one-time Membership Fee that is 80 percent refundable upon resignation, plus Annual Dues. Exclusive Resorts is the partner of choice in the luxury residence club segment, with strategic alliances with leading companies including American Express, Marquis Jet, fleet by NetJets, and Neiman Marcus InCircle Rewards. The Company is based in Denver, Colorado and Washington D.C. For more information on Exclusive Resorts membership, please call 800-447-8988 or visit

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