More Travelers are Opting for Affordable “Off Season” Vacation Packages attracts fall travelers by offering an abundance of vacation packages for Park City, Utah

San Diego (PRWEB) September 7, 2006 — Finding an affordable vacation destination is often a difficult task. As a result, more travelers are booking popular winter time resorts in the summer and fall seasons for added discounts on adventure vacation packages.

Summer and fall season travelers are discovering the benefits of visiting a ski resort town such as Park City, Utah, in its off season. By vacationing during off season, travelers are able to enjoy all of the great outdoor scenery, activities and resort amenities at a fraction of the winter season rates.

Online travel companies like make finding that affordable vacation in the summer and fall months still within reach.

According to the Marketing Manager of; “Off season destinations often times are overlooked when summer travelers make their vacation plans. Vacationers don’t realize that off season locations, such as Park City, UT, offer just as much, if not more fun than the local amusement park.” In order to help summer travelers avoid extreme airfare and lodging prices, Escape 2 Play,, offers great off season vacationing alternatives.

During the fall and summer months, a destination like Park City, UT trades in the sleigh rides, guided snowmobile tours and skiing for world-renowned outdoor symphony concerts, Sundance Institute Outdoor film festivals, hiking, fly-fishing, hot-air ballooning and more. Instead of snowcapped mountain views, long days of skiing and chilly nights, there are lush, green mountain vistas, long days of hiking, golf and breezy nights of outdoor dining and concerts on the terrace.

The summer time brings a large and diverse group of travelers to Park City, UT. Whether you are an adventure seeker, a film buff, an Olympic enthusiast or a nature lover, Park City, UT has something for everyone.

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