Better than Disney World? It Must be Valleyfair!

Are you and your kids sick and tired of having a “magical day” at good old Disney World? If your kids are griping about how they hate hugging goofy and riding the flying Dumbo ride, then you need a new amusement park. The good news is you’re in luck! One of the coolest and most exciting parks around is located in sunny Minnesota and it’s called Valleyfair!

Valleyfair was created and built by two local businessmen whose dream it was to build an amusement park that would provide entertainment for the entire family. In August of 1974, construction of Valleyfair began. When the park opened in 1976, it included thrilling rides, exciting attractions, buildings and lush landscaping. High Roller—the only roller coaster built–was the main attraction. But in 2007, a brand new roller coaster will take the stage. They’re calling it the Renegade. The massive new coaster combines twists, turns, speed and an authentic Old West theme. It’s also the first all wooden coaster to be built since the legendary High Roller.

But roller coasters aren’t the only thing Valleyfair has to offer, the park is stuffed to the brim with family rides, rides just for kids, roller coasters and thrill rides, and water rides!

A family tradition at Valleyfair is the Minnesota River Valley Railroad ride, where you’ll take a trip around the entire park in a replica of a steam-powered locomotive. In addition to this there’s the SuperCat, The Monster, The Flying Trapeze, and many other great rides for the family.

For the thrill seekers in the family, Valleyfair has created a multitude of gravity-defying rides just for you! One of the wildest of them all is the Steel Venom, which is a 185-foot impulse coaster that propels riders forward and backward and up and down a U-shaped track with a spiraling 450-degree corkscrew on top! Other rides you’ll want to try are the Xtreme Swing, The Wild Thing, The Enterprise and of course, the High Roller.

Valleyfair also caters to the kiddies in the family, so while the teens are riding The Wild Thing, the little ones can enjoy themselves as well. A kid favorite is the Frog Hopper, which is an exciting ride that takes riders slowly up to the top and then bounces gently downward. After the Frog Hopper, your kids will be begging you to take them on The Foam Ball Factory, The Busy Boats, and the Splash Station!

So when your kids finally tell you they’re sick of Mickey Mouse, tell them that’s good, because there’s a better park out there with more thrill and fun for the entire family! For more information about Valleyfair visit

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