Exhibition ‘Variations Équines’

Garderen, April 6th 2007 – Today is the official opening of the exhibition ‘Variations Équines’. It is the third edition in a series of exhibitions where the museum of the ‘Château Saint-Jean’ in Nogent-le-Rotrou [France] brings together three different artists with the central theme ‘equine’. Besides the photography of Arnd Bronkhorst there will also be work of the sculptures Anne Golicz-Cottet and the painter Joël Person on display.

At the exhibition Arnd Bronkhorst will present some of his older, known work as well as new and extreme unconventional images that have not been published anywhere else. Detail and the various aspects of the horse are the main focus for all the photos. The creations of Anna Golicz-Cottet, which will be presented while hanging from the ceiling, are mainly made out of ironwire. Transparency and lightness are characteristic for this artist. Painter Joël Person will show the visiter a world where horse and woman are intimately connected. Besides and behind the main picture one will see anatomical studies and notes that will make you search for a second story.

More information about the museum ‘Château Saint-Jean’ and the picturesque French village Nogent-le-Rotrou can be found on the website www.ville-nogent-le-rotrou.fr. The exhibition runs from April 7th through June 11th 2007.

PHOTO Courtesy of: Arnd Bronkhorst Photography

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