Verizon Wireless Offers 10 Cents-A-Minute In-Flight Calls

Airfone(R) Service for Verizon Wireless Plan Lets Customers Make and Receive In-Flight Calls and Charge Them to Their Verizon Wireless Bills

BEDMINSTER, N.J., May 25 /PRNewswire/ — Verizon Wireless, the nation’s leading wireless service provider, today announced Verizon Wireless frequent flyers can stay connected while in flight for just 10 cents-a-minute when they sign up for the Airfone Service for Verizon Wireless $10 monthly subscription plan. Normally, a standard Airfone voice call is $3.99 to set up plus $3.99 per minute. Through May 31, 2005, new customers who sign up for Airfone Service for Verizon Wireless will receive $5 off the monthly subscription for the first three months.

Verizon Wireless customers who want to make and receive calls while in flight need only register as a user on an Airfone handset to make and receive calls for 10 cents-a-minute with a monthly subscription or 69 cents-a-minute with no subscription. Callers dialing the customer’s Verizon Wireless phone number will reach them on board any of the more than 2,000 planes served by Verizon Airfone nationwide, including on flights on United, Continental, US Airways and Delta. Charges will be billed directly to the customer’s Verizon Wireless bill.

Travelers can activate the feature in one of two easy steps:

Sign up:
Dial *611 from a Verizon Wireless phone before the next flight and
ask the customer service representative to add the feature on the


Speak with a Verizon Wireless customer service representative to add the
feature to the account.

The PIN will be sent to the Verizon Wireless phone via a TXT Message.

Once registered, customers can quickly and easily use the Airfone service

from Verizon Wireless on board the plane:

Sign in:
Enter the 10-digit Verizon Wireless phone number, PIN and seat number into the Airfone handset onboard the plane.

Send and receive:
All incoming and outgoing calls will be made and received on the Airfone handset.

Verizon Wireless products and services are available at more than 1,900 Verizon Wireless stores nationwide, including Verizon Wireless Communications Stores and stores within Circuit City, as well as at authorized retailers including Best Buy and participating RadioShack locations. Customers can also find information and purchase Verizon Wireless products and services online at

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