VisitUSA Announces Wide-Ranging Coverage of US Cities

VisitUSA announces more in-depth and wide-ranging coverage of US cities. The site now features more information on over 250 cities to assist visitors in planning their USA vacation. Each city guide includes maps, reviews, photographs, hotel reservations and more.

(PRWEB) August 9, 2006 — VisitUSA, a major provider of USA vacation planning resources and travel information, has expanded and enhanced its coverage of US cities. The VisitUSA website now contains US city information on over 250 cities, including maps, reviews, photographs and hotel reservations.

Every city reviewed at VisitUSA features a detailed guide covering its amenities, activities and points of interest. VisitUSA’s integration with multiple hotel and vacation rental databases can help site visitors find the best accommodations for their needs by allowing them to compare prices, make reservations online and easily locate vacation rentals and hotels.

The cities reviewed at VisitUSA are organized by state. Site visitors have access to easy-to-use online road-maps, and VisitUSA is currently working towards integration with Google maps which will allow site visitors to print out detailed maps.

VisitUSA features over 250 pictures of US cities. These photographs highlight the varied character and appearance of US cities, from the towering concrete spires of downtown Manhattan to the endless eclectic sprawl of greater Los Angeles. These pictures can help visitors find the right city for their USA vacation, and choose points of interest in individual cities.

VisitUSA has been a dependable online travel resource since 1998, with a special emphasis on outdoor adventure opportunities in all 50 states, but a keen eye for urban adventure travel as well, from Alabama cities to Wyoming cities. Their expanded and enhanced website now contains more travel information, photographs and vacation planning resources than any other time in the site’s history, and it keeps getting better.

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