The Visitor Center Joins VRX’s Hotel Program

VANCOUVER, May 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — VRX Worldwide Inc. (TSX-V: VRW) announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, VRX Studios Inc. (“VRX”), has entered into a one year licensing agreement with The Visitor Center wherein VRX will provide The Visitor Center with its hotel content for use on,, and

Under the terms of the license agreement, The Visitor Center will have complete access to VRX’s rapidly growing archive of Hotel Content, which includes brands such as Kessler, Outrigger, Sandals, and Hyatt. In addition to its standard licensing terms, VRX will customize its innovative destination maps to showcase the location of each of The Visitor Center’s leading hotels throughout Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Mexico. This unique customization is expected to help The Visitor Center capture the attention of its customers and promote its top hotel partners throughout each region.

Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Mexico are core markets for the Visitor Center and in Hawaii alone, VRX’s Hotel Program provides coverage of 45% of all of the 4 & 5 star hotels and 31% of all 3 star hotels. In total, over one third of all 3, 4, and 5 star hotels in Hawaii have now joined VRX’s Hotel Program.

“Having worked with VRX for a number of years we have witnessed first hand the power of high quality, user-friendly, travel content in aiding the online consumer’s purchase decision. VRX’s Destination Content has been a great tool for helping travelers identify where they want to go and what they want to see,” commented Ben Reubenstein, CTO of the Visitor Center. “We expect VRX’s Hotel Content will be just as powerful a tool in helping travelers decide where they want to stay. For many consumers, choosing the right hotel can be frustrating, and in some cases, a disappointing experience. Due to the quality and coverage of VRX Hotel Content, we are confident it will help reduce consumers’ frustrations and help ensure they’re expectations are met upon arrival at their hotel.”

VRX’s Hotel Program makes it possible for travel intermediaries, such as The Visitor Center, to provide online travel consumers with a consistent, high quality, in-depth view of their hotels – views that consumers can rely on as being accurate and up to date at all times. Combined with VRX’s Destination Content, consumers are now able to virtually explore the natural and man-made wonders of each destination as well as thoroughly review and compare their hotel options. VRX’s Travel Content helps consumers book every vacation with greater confidence and certainty.

“The Visitor Center has created a loyal following in the online travel arena by offering a level of personal service few others have been prepared to match,” commented David MacLaren, President and CEO of VRX. “We believe our Hotel Content will further differentiate their online offering and help them attract and retain more online customers. We look forward to working with them to fully integrate both our Destination and Hotel content into all of their sites.”

In addition to integrating VRX’s extensive archive of Hotel and Destination content throughout their various retail travel web sites, The Visitor Center will utilize the same archive to train travel agents.

About The Visitor Center

The Visitor Center’s success is built around shopping with the wholesalers that have the best rates based on a given destination, departure city, and hotel selection to ensure they are not undersold. The Visitor Center differentiates itself from its online peers by offering the assistance of friendly travel agents that are knowledgeable destination specialists. Every booking is subject to quality control, the in-house document department verifies every itinerary prior to travel and in the unlikely event of a problem, vacationers have access to a Special Needs Department that is staffed with experienced Travel Agents.

About VRX

VRX Studios, a wholly owned subsidiary of VRX Worldwide Inc. (, is the world leader in producing and syndicating high quality, web-friendly visual content that educates, inspires, and compels travel consumers. Leading travel brands like Expedia, Carnival, Walt Disney, Hyatt, Virgin Holidays, Southwest Vacations and many more rely on VRX’s stunning visual content to educate and engage existing and potential customers. Each month, millions of consumers interact with VRX’s Destination and Hotel Content in their search for the perfect vacation. To find out more about VRX Studio’s products and services, visit

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