Wandrian Launches ItaliaRail.com for Easily Booking Rail Travel Across Italy

Consumers Now Have Access to Inexpensive Train Tickets in Italy — Europe’s #1 Destination

NEWTON, Mass., June 29 /PRNewswire/ — Wandrian, Inc (http://www.wandrian.com/), a leading global travel distributor for rail products and services, today announced a new web site, http://www.italiarail.com/, as a new source for consumers to find and book railroad tickets and passes in Italy. ItaliaRail.com is the first site in North America to offer a comprehensive, online selection to making reservations on the Railroads of Italy at the lowest prices in the market. Consumers can now save money and travel smarter before they vacation in Italy by conveniently booking their reservations and tickets in advance.

Rail travel is one of the best ways to experience Italy. Touring Italy by way of Italian rail is an easy and inexpensive way to leisurely view the country’s scenic beauty, cities and small villages, as well as a way to meet many of the local people. Whether travelers are visiting popular cities such as Florence, Rome and Venice or one of the more remote rural destinations, rail travel makes it simple to get around and see all of the sights without the hassles of traffic congestion, unsafe roads, parking problems and budget- busting gas prices. And given the current value of the Euro, many savvy U.S. travelers are buying as much of the trip as possible in U.S. dollars before leaving.

ItaliaRail.com now offers U.S. and Canadian consumers the same access to booking railroad tickets and passes as Italians have in their own country, and at the lowest price available in North America. At ItalialRail.com, consumers can make reservations online for travel throughout Italy, purchase train tickets and get documents to their doorstep within a few days. Travelers obtain not only regular city to city tickets inside Italy, but they can even get the convenient Trenitalia pass, which allows 4 to 10 days unlimited train travel throughout Italy during a span of 2 months. After arriving in Italy, travelers can avoid the long lines at the train stations and board their trains using their prepaid documents.

“Before ItaliaRail.com, the North American consumer had no convenient means of obtaining information or booking trains, other than to go down to the main train station upon their arrival in Italy and wait in line for a specialized ticket agent,” said Mike Fuller, President of Wandrian. “We developed this specialized site to facilitate the booking of rail travel throughout Italy and make it as easy as booking an air ticket from New York to Chicago.”

Consumers wishing to take short incursions into one of the neighboring countries can also purchase a cross border ticket at ItaliaRail.com. Example journeys include Rome to Paris, Milan to Zurich, or Venice to Vienna. Also available are the Greece’n Italy or France’n Italy passes, all the various Eurail Passes as well as the many national passes valid in one or several countries.

About Wandrian, Inc.

Wandrian is a leading global travel distributor and technology developer for rail products and services. Wandrian provides travel agents with a cost- effective, easy to use site for selling rail at RailAgent.com, while providing consumers with a one stop shop for planning rail travel and buying international rail passes and tickets at RailPass.com. The company provides technology, marketing and fulfillment services to help lower distribution costs for railways and also powers specific international rail travel sites including ItaliaRail.com. Wandrian, based in Newton, MA was founded in 2000 and is funded by Brook Venture Partners and Boston Capital Ventures. The company’s customers and partners include many of the top international travel companies and railroads. For more information visit http://www.wandrian.com/ or call 617-559-0944.

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