Watch Some Whales this Winter!

Atlantis Whale Watch Lunch Cruise Begins December 21

HONOLULU – The humpback whales have returned! Tired of having to “frolic and play, the Eskimo way,” the North Pacific Humpback Whales are steadily arriving to spend a few months soaking up some Hawaiian sun and “swim in their winter wonderland.”

Atlantis Navatek Cruises is again offering Hawaii’s smoothest cruise experience aboard the revolutionary Navatek I to see these magnificent creatures as they breach, spout and cavort in the waters off Oahu. The popular “Whale Watch Lunch Cruise” is available December 21, 2006 through April 8, 2007.

“This mid-day cruise offers guests a stunning, picturesque tour of Waikiki, a delicious lunch, and the best views to see the main attraction – the majestic humpback whales,” said Ken Kessler, Atlantis Navatek Cruises’ General Manager.
The scenic and relaxing two-and-a-half hour ocean cruise around Diamond Head and along Oahu’s south shore includes a scrumptious lunch buffet, round-trip ground transportation from Waikiki, and a guarantee: “See a whale or sail again free!”

The innovative Navatek I – the only vessel of its kind in Hawaii – makes the entire cruise experience and seeing the humpbacks even more enjoyable. Hailed by FORBES as “reinventing the boat,” Navatek I’s unique SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) technology limits wave action against the vessel, and lifts the passenger-carrying area above the surface.

The 140-foot vessel comfortably seats 300 guests and features spacious upper and lower outdoor observation decks, along with two interior themed dining areas that are air-conditioned, carpeted, and have large windows to enjoy the views and scenery.

Another advantage of Navatek I is that, because of its environmentally friendly design and engineering, it is often the only whale-watching vessel in Hawaii that goes beyond Diamond Head and the closest into the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, an area identified for its prime humpback sighting locations by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

In addition, an onboard expert naturalist helps guests search for humpbacks while providing insightful information and educational commentary about their behavior and characteristics. If the naturalist does not see a humpback during the cruise, all guests are offered a complimentary return whale watch cruise (meal not included).

The naturalist offers these tips to enjoy whale watching:
1) Dress appropriately. Viewing whales is best done from the viewing decks. Wear sunscreen, secure hats and belongings, and dress for breezy “on the water” conditions.
2) Scan the horizon. Watch for blows (breaths of air), breaches (large jumps) and other active humpback whale surface behaviors.
3) Be prepared for anything! Each day is different and brings unique sightings. Visitors may see humpback mothers with their calves, or groups of males competing for a single female.
4) Cameras should be ready at all times to catch the whale’s unpredictable movements. You could capture a moment to remember forever!
5) For “fluke” photos, look for the whale to “round out” or arch their back more dramatically than usual. This indicates a deeper dive is coming and a fluke photo opportunity may occur.
6) Study the whales’ behavior to better understanding what may be coming. For example, if a mother and calf swim in a constant speed and direction, they may be “rounding out” and taking a deeper dive on every third breath. This third breath may offer a “fluke shot” as they prepare to dive deeper.
7) Look for other marine life. In addition to humpbacks, Hawaiian spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, flying fish, Hawaiian green sea turtles, and many different species of sea birds are often seen.
8) Always remember: Safety First! Navatek I provides a very stable platform that offers optimum views for whale watching. However, when the vessel turns, there may be times when it’s in the wave trough (parallel to the waves). This may cause the boat to roll a bit, making it less-than-ideal for photos.

The Whale Watch Lunch Cruise sets sail daily from Pier 6 at Aloha Tower Marketplace at 12:00 p.m. and returns at 2:30 p.m. Complimentary transportation from Waikiki is included. Cost is $58.00 for adults, $29.00 for children.

Online Savings: Guests booking online at will save money on the cruise. Cost is $52.20 for adults and $26.10 for children (ages 2-12).

Prices do not include 3% harbor fee and state excise sales tax. For more information, please call (808) 973-1311 or visit

About Atlantis Adventures
Atlantis Adventures owns and operates Atlantis Submarines, which has nine locations worldwide including Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico and Guam. In Hawaii, Atlantis operates five submarines in Kona, Maui, and Waikiki. The company owns Honolulu-based Atlantis Navatek Cruises, offering sunset dinner cruises aboard the high-tech, revolutionary Navatek I, along with seasonal luncheon whale watch cruises from December to April. For more information, visit

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