Record Breaking Wedding Exhibition to Open on January 10 in Shanghai

Gala to Highlight Leading Wedding Fashions of 2007

SHANGHAI, China, Dec. 11 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ — Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd. announced today that the 11th China (Shanghai) International Wedding & Photographic Equipment Exhibition, a gala for the wedding sector, will open in both the Shanghai International Exhibition Center (INTEX) (No. 77, Xingyi Road) and Shanghai Mart (No. 99, Xingyi Road) from January 10 to 13, 2007. The exhibition area will reach a historic record of 35,000 square meters, attracting some 300 famous companies from both home and abroad. The exhibits include wedding apparel, formal attires, photo albums, photo frames, makeup, decorations, wedding supplies, backgrounds, anaphase production, lighting, photofinishing, photo studio training, websites and publications for weddings & photos, covering almost all sectors and products in the industry chain. This will serve as the best purchase platform for domestic photo studios, and will witness more than 10 well-known brands co- launching a conference to announce the latest fashion trends for wedding apparel and formal attires in 2007.

According to data, there are around 10 million newly married couples each year in China. They are willing to spend 31% of their savings on wedding celebration related consumption, meaning the total consumption on weddings reaches RMB300 billion annually. As shown by statistics, there are about 450,000 photo studios, picture studios, film developing stores, and personalized and general photo studios in the China market and some five million people engage in the relevant sectors. In 2006, 150,000 people got married in Shanghai, which is also reflected by the warmly welcomed and successfully held 10th China (Shanghai) International Wedding & Photographic Equipment Exhibition in July 2006. Its scale, level and exhibits were the highest among all previous exhibitions. 40,707 people attended from 33 countries and regions, a record high in terms of both nationality and number of attendees. Shanghai has grown to be a significant purchase market for wedding celebration supplies. The wedding & photographic industry has become one of the rosiest industries at present.

This exhibition is organized jointly by CCPIT Shanghai Sub-council, Shanghai World Expo (Group) Co., Ltd. and the Shanghai Photographers Association; and is undertaken by Shanghai International Exhibition Service Corporation; co-organized by the Shanghai Trade Association of Photography Professions; and is supported by the Commission for China Wedding & Photography Industry, Beijing Photography Equipment City, Guangzhou Baili Wedding & Photography Equipment Plaza and Shanghai Wedding & Photography Equipment City.

With the sustainable growth of China’s wedding & photographic industry and the demand for wedding celebration services continually increasing, the Shanghai International Wedding Photographic Equipment Exhibition has shown a scaled effect, gradually developing into an exhibition brand and evolving into Asia’s largest wedding & photographic exhibition. Its scale and level rank top among its peers.

This exhibition will focus on professionalism and be human oriented. In line with the ranges of exhibits, the organizers will re-allocate and re- arrange the venues and areas of the exhibition space to highlight its professionalism and facilitate the professional audience. The first floor of the Shanghai International Exhibition Center will show lights, backdrops, anaphase production, thematic photographs, developing and printing and other photographic facilities. Its second floor will show photo studio facilities, including photo studio training, furniture as well as websites and publications for weddings & photos. The first floor of the Shanghai Mart will show photo albums and frames; in the corridor of its second floor, there will be a group of static models, while the second floor will showcase makeup, decorations, celebration supplies and children’s photography. Its third floor will show wedding dresses and formal attires, with the seventh floor hosting on-site wedding dress shows that will be attended by renowned manufacturers.

During the previous exhibition, nine major famous brands jointly presented a super wedding dress show, which received positive comments with supreme products and first class stage effects. In this exhibition, some manufacturers will join hands again to announce the trends for wedding apparel and formal attires in 2007, including Yunshangjiayi, Di’ao, Liyisha, Wang Dacheng, Taipei Jinghua, Viz. Swarovski, Pinsha, Liy, Meigui, Beike Manni, Tianxiang and Mingdian. The organizers will hold technical lectures and exchanges focusing on operation and management of photo studios, developing and printing systems, photographic technologies, makeup and other topics to serve the needs of the many photo studios for personnel training, operations, management, photographic skills and anaphase production. The organizers will launch lucky bird draws from the visitors of the same day and the awards will be sponsored by the exhibitors. The winners list will be announced on site the same day. The organizers will inform the winners by telephone. In addition, the organizers will hold photo exhibition and relevant evaluation and awarding activities.

The 11th China (Shanghai) International Wedding & Photographic Equipment Exhibition will serve as a platform for the cooperation, exchange and trade between Chinese wedding apparel and photo studios as well as relevant industries and their international peers, fully showcasing the glamour of Shanghai as a world metropolis and its favorable investment environment.

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