Prevent Wedding Burnout with DailyCandy’s Wedding Guest Survival Guide

NEW YORK, July 19 /PRNewswire/ — If it’s summertime, it must be wedding time. Seems like most summers come with more wedding invitations than weekends, leaving guests overwhelmed, broke, and exhausted. The editors of insider guide are helping guests prevent the dreaded condition known as “Wedding Burnout” with a few ingenious tips.

* Choose wisely: “It doesn’t make you a bad person to not accept every
single wedding invitation you receive,” advises DailyCandy
Editor-at-Large Dannielle Romano. “It’s better to decline politely
than attend begrudgingly. Your cousin’s girlfriend’s sister won’t be
crushed.” Following up with a thoughtful note on cool stationery
(such as the elegant cards at
is extra insurance against them hating you.

* One-dress wonder: Being a wedding guest is expensive, what with all
the traveling, gifting, and merriment. A new outfit for each wedding
would put you in the poorhouse. Pick one, versatile dress that packs
well, and wear it every single weekend. One old faithful is
Karenina’s convertible halter dress.

* Save your soles: Most weddings involve a considerable amount of
dancing, the kind you’ll be embarrassed about later. Those sexy high
heels are a liability if they leave you crippled. Avoid aching
tootsies with the ingenious Foot Petals (
They’ll cushion and protect your feet so you can be a dancing fool
with everyone else.

* Eat before you go: Some ceremonies are short and sweet. But most
aren’t. And before the feast, cocktail hour usually turns into
cocktail three-hours. “Prevent embarrassing tummy-rumbling and
cocktail-wiener gorging by eating something substantial before you
leave home,” Romano says. Be extra careful and toss a bag of Sampsons
Nuts ( into your clutch — just in case.

* Pick a signature gift: When it comes to gifting, choosing something
from the registry is your best bet. That’s why couples have them. But
shopping for six couples in one summer could drive you batty, so come
up with one fantastic gift that works for anyone. That way, you can
buy a bunch and gift everyone in one fell swoop. Our secret? A
classic decanter from Simon Pearce ( It
will match everything they have, yet it’s thoughtful and different.

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