Whitetail Park Interprets Time Travel Through Prairie History, Introduces ‘Sprayground’ to Cool Kids of All Ages

LAFAYETTE, Colo., June 27 /PRNewswire/ — At the park dedication on Tuesday June 28 at 5:30 p.m., visitors to Lafayette’s new Whitetail Park, at 2550 Autumn Ridge Boulevard, will discover a larger-than-life buffalo climbing structure and a “sprayground” with misters to cool off kids of all ages.

Mayor Chris Berry will speak at the event, which features hot dogs and cake. Community members are asked to bring the rest of their picnic dinners.

Whitetail Park is the creation of Lafayette’s own Design Concepts, a community and landscape architecture firm. Design Concepts began planning and designing the 12-acre park early in 2004. The firm sought ideas from residents through four public forums, each attended by more than 100 people. The $2 million park broke ground in October 2004.

Design Concepts created the park around the theme of traveling through the prairie over time. Research linked the area to historic travel and wildlife corridors. Visitors enter the park through a 100-foot-wide traveler’s maze of paths and inscribed stone markers that suggest traveling by foot, stagecoach, and railroad to places such as Denver and Cheyenne.

“The maze is fun and interesting,” says Rob Layton, lead park designer and a Design Concepts principal. “It’s an interactive art element where people get a sense of traveling through the prairie and experiencing events and elements through time, as well as traces left behind.” For example, wandering trails recall historic stagecoach lines.

Visitors may find animal footprints, railroad tracks, and a dead-end marked by a tornado sandblasted on the ground. Two picnic shelters are designed to Conestoga wagons. Prairie wildlife is represented by the playground’s custom-designed, eight-foot-tall climbing rock formation resembling a buffalo.

Other elements include an area for beginning skateboarders and in-line skaters, a basketball court, two multi-use fields, and a pedestrian perimeter path that links all these elements.

“We’re excited about the theme of travel through time in this area,” says Monte Stevenson, director of Parks, Open Space and Golf for the City of Lafayette. “It’s a reminder of our heritage. Generation.”

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