Game Trust Offers A Trip to The Edge of Space in A Supersonic Russian MIG

The New LaunchNow Program Gives Publishers Hit Community Games and a Stratospheric Space Flight for Free

– Bloggers, Forum Moderators, and Site Publishers of Any Size are Invited to Win; Grand Prize Winner to be Announced on December 19th —

NEW YORK, Oct. 3 /PRNewswire/ — Game Trust, the world’s leading casual game platform, today announced the “LaunchNow Race to Space”-an opportunity for online content publishers to win the trip of a lifetime! Any publisher who adds at least one game to their site through Game Trust’s LaunchNow Program will be automatically entered to win a free trip to the edge of space in a MIG 25! They’ll spend three nights in a first class Moscow Hotel and travel 2.5 times the speed of sound to 80,000 feet, where the sky is black and the Earth curves below.

Game Trust’s new LaunchNow Program offers all “the right stuff”: a dozen hit community games, exciting player features like chat, and an easy-to-use arcade generator tool that allows publishers to customize their arcade and launch in minutes. The LaunchNow program is completely free for publishers and players. Over 250 publishers joined the LaunchNow beta, using the configuration tools to release customized games that have attracted and retained over 20,000 players.

Casual gaming-including hit multi-player and single-player titles-is skyrocketing in popularity. With LaunchNow, Game Trust allows sites of any size to easily offer 12 of the hottest casual titles around:

Multi-Player Single-Player
Tru8Ball TruSolitaire
TruChess TruMahjong
TruGammon Secret of Maya
TruSpades Hurricane Airfire
Poker Blitz Atomic Pongling
Chain Reactor Duel

The LaunchNow games have all the bells and whistles needed to satisfy and retain an audience; including integrated chat, buddy lists, instant messaging, profiles, high-score tracking, and matchmaking lobbies. These games have attracted millions of users on some of the largest gaming sites in the world, many of whom play for hours every day. Now anybody can put these community- rich games on their site and enjoy increased user-retention and site- stickiness.

The winner of the “LaunchNow Race to Space” will be selected by a random drawing of qualified entrants on December 15th, and will be announced December 19th, 2005. Full rules, qualifications and easy registration are available at

About Game Trust

Founded in 2002, Game Trust ( is the economic engine of innovation in games with the leading platform for premium game play. The Game Frame platform is the industry standard for deploying community and transactions within online casual games. Licensed by leading distribution outlets worldwide, the platform reaches an audience of tens of millions of gamers each month. Award winning games, such as “Shroomz,” are released by leading developers on the platform to reach millions of players with new premium play models. The Company is venture backed with offices in New York and Denmark.

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