Winglets to Improve GOL’s Aircraft Performance

SAO PAULO, Dec. 29 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes (NYSE:GOL) (NYSE:and) (NYSE:Bovespa:) (NYSE:GOLL4) , Brazil’s low-fare, low-cost airline, will equip its new Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft with Blended Winglets to reduce the Company’s fuel costs and significantly improve airplane performance during take-off and landing on short runways.

Additional Blended Winglet benefits include reduced engine maintenance costs, quieter and more environmentally friendly operations, and a distinctly high-tech image. As GOL operates its 737NGs at one of the highest utilization rates in the industry, an average of 14 block hours per day, the Company expects the Blended Winglets will save the Company approximately 3% to 4% per aircraft annually in its fuel requirements.

“The GOL brand is synonymous with innovation and value in the Brazilian domestic airline market,” says Aviation Partners Boeing Vice President of Sales, Patrick LaMoria. “Blended Winglet Technology will help GOL keep operating costs low while maximizing flexibility and payload capacity, even out of the more challenging airports in its rapidly growing route system.”

About Aviation Boeing Partners

Aviation Partners Boeing is a joint venture of Aviation Partners, Inc. and The Boeing Company created to develop and market performance enhancing wingtip devices for Boeing aircraft. Their patented Blended Winglets are available for 737 Next Generation aircraft, 737 Classic aircraft as well as the Boeing 757-200. Activities are also underway to develop and certify wingtip devices for the Boeing 717, 767-300ER, and 777-200ER along with the heritage Douglas MD-80 aircraft.

About GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes

GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes, a low cost, low fare airline, is one of the most profitable and fastest growing airlines in the industry worldwide. GOL currently offers over 420 daily flights to 45 major business and travel destinations in Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia, with substantial expansion opportunities. GOL’s growth plans include increasing frequencies in existing markets and adding service to additional markets in both Brazil and other high-traffic South American travel destinations. GOL’s shares are listed on the NYSE and the Bovespa. GOL: here everyone can fly!

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