WORLD CUP 2006: Stay as Part of a Family Instead of a Rip-Off – Fans are Very Welcome to Stay With Germans

BERLIN, March 29/PRNewswire/ —

- A public opinion poll confirms: More than half of the citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany would give accommodation to fans at the Football World Cup. / In this context, money would only play a minor role.

The citizens of the Federal Republic are looking forward to the Football World Cup. However, not only because of what will be taking place on the pitch. Many people also associate a social event with the World Cup and would like to socialise with the fans from outside the country; among other things by offering tourists at the World Cup private accommodation. This is underscored in a public opinion poll carried out on behalf of ImmobilienScout24 (Real Estate Scout 24). According to this, half of the citizens of the Federal Republic would accept fans of the World Cup into their homes and only 10% of these would do so for money.

Most people place a lot more value on a personal relationship with their guests.

At the centre of the survey by the Innofact Market Research Institute is the question, “What would induce you to let a room in your home to a soccer fan?” To a great extent, the results point to hospitality and the striving for cultural and personal encounters. Anyway, around 15% of the citizens of the Federal Republic would like to have fans stay as part of the family and celebrate together with their guests. However, even practical reasons do play a role. For every tenth person it is of central importance that the guest also helps with the household budget. In addition, 10% are in favour of a mutual exchange of rooms: “A fan at my place, and me at a fan’s place in Bella Italia.” Approximately 8% of those questioned would only be attracted to do so if they were to receive a ticket to the World Championship.

In order to bring together fans and hosts, ImmobilienScout24 has set up an on-line portal which will arrange accommodation especially for the period June 9 until July 9, 2006. So far, more than 8,500 offers of overnight accommodation are available at www.WM-Zimmer-2006. At this site, hosts can advertise their rooms. However, the bed exchange does not only function as an international exchange-service, but also serves a public community purpose. The revenue from the nominal fee for the advertisement will be spent by the Foundation for Youth Soccer on a youth project.

The representative opinion poll took place between the 14th and 16th March, 2006 with a random sampling of 1,009 participants representative for the population.

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