Zip Through Security with the New Travel Xubaz

Designed specifically for the needs of international trendsetters who travel the globe and aspire to look good while doing it, Xubáz™ is the first entry into the luxury market of men and women’s functional neckwear. By reinterpreting the conventional scarf and making it a practical and stylish accessory, Xubáz™ functional neckwear is the ultimate compliment to today’s 21st century mobile lifestyle. An amalgamation of necessity, luxury and style, Xubáz™ functional neckwear is lined with strategically placed pockets to accommodate light-weight travel items such as passports, boarding passes, credit cards, keys and even slim cell phones and music devices, such as the Nano I-Pod. By balancing form and function with a singular design aesthetic, Xubáz™ functional neckwear simplifies the life of the global traveler – as a true jet setter never stands still. And a stylish jet setter is never caught fumbling for his keys.

Xubáz: Technical Aspects

To fully appreciate the user-friendly aspect of Xubáz™ functional neckwear, the actual design of the garment must be examined. The “inside” of the Xubáz™ [the side that faces the wearers’ body] is lined with four pockets – two upper and two lower. The two upper pockets are sized to carry larger items, such as a Nano I-Pod or travel documents and are secured with flaps and snaps. The two lower pockets are secured by vertical zippers and are sized to carry smaller items such as keys, coins, lip balm, etc.

Xubáz: For High Performance Travelers

In addition, for true global trekkers, Xubáz introduces a revolutionary “security” system that ensures that the Xubáz™ remains attached to the body. Each Xubáz scarf comes with a set of “Xues™” accessories, or gripped straps that attach both to the Xubáz™ and to the wearers’ waist band or belt loops. These straps are optional and may or may not be used depending on the preference of the consumer.

Xubáz™: 3 Lengths + 2 Fabrications + 6 colors

For its product launch – Fall 2006, Xubáz™ functional neckwear is available in three lengths and designed in 2 luxury fabrics. The fabrications are

A technical, nanosphere treated polyester, which is color-fast, perspiration-friendly and easy to wash. Moreover, this utilitarian fabrication is both water and stain resistant and durable for any environmental conditions.
A Japanese hybrid synthetic, which is a bit heavier in weight and has an elegant yet subtle luster. This fabrication drapes the body effortlessly is exceptionally soft [a texture resembling that of ultra-soft kid skin], making it more suitable to dressier occasions.
Color waves for both fabrications include black, charcoal, signature burnt orange; chocolate, navy, and khaki.

Prices for Xubáz™ functional neckwear will range between $60 and $80 and will be available beginning in Fall 2006 at and better specialty boutiques nationwide.

xubáz™ 1. (noun) shoe:báz/ 1. lightweight accessory lined with strategically hidden pockets designed to be worn around the neck 2. must-have luxury accessory for Fall 2006. See also functional neckwear

Like with all great products, you had no idea how much you wanted or needed a xubáz™ functional neckwear until you owned one… you might wonder how you ever lived without one.

Xubáz™ functional neckwear was designed to simplify your life while adding style to your wardrobe. Worn around the neck like a scarf, the Xubáz™ has pockets sized to carry lightweight items in lieu of a jacket, a bag or even a wallet.

Minimum orders are 15 pieces per fabric.
The Xubaz is pre-packed in a screen printed vinyl zip bag.

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