Filled Zippo(R) Pocket Lighters Now Permitted in Checked Luggage

But Air Travelers Remain Confused About How to Carry Lighters on Commercial Aircraft

BRADFORD, Pa., Aug. 17 /PRNewswire/ — Air travelers can now pack their filled Zippo pocket lighters in checked luggage, provided each lighter is placed in a Zippo Cargo Case by OtterBox, as specified by the Department of Transportation (DOT). The new ruling, which became effective in June, allows passengers to pack up to two Zippo pocket lighters — each placed in an approved case — in checked luggage aboard all commercial airlines.

The Zippo Cargo Case by OtterBox is an airtight container specifically designed to fit a single Zippo pocket lighter. As the only storage container with an exemption from the DOT, the cargo box offers Zippo owners convenience when traveling by air.

This development follows the May ruling by the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) that new, never-filled pocket lighters require no special packaging and may be stowed in checked luggage.

But some air travelers unfamiliar with the recent regulations continue to question if they can travel with their new or used Zippo lighter. “We’ve heard from frustrated consumers who have seen lighters confiscated by guards at the security checkpoint and don’t realize that their Zippo lighters can be packed in checked luggage,” said Greg Booth, president and CEO of Zippo Manufacturing Company. “This is particularly true for people who travel only occasionally and haven’t kept abreast of the changing regulations.”

Booth noted that stories have surfaced about people who have had to surrender keepsake pocket lighters. “This should not be happening — we’re trying to get the word out that there are ways for people to take their Zippo lighters with them when they travel by air,” stated Booth.

The first phase of the company’s efforts to put Zippo “back in the air” involved convincing regulators that a new, never filled pocket lighter was nothing more than a metal case filled with cotton. The second phase was to ensure that travelers could travel with filled lighters to vacation and business destinations. Zippo selected OtterBox as a partner and the Zippo Cargo Case was born.

“We are offering the Zippo Cargo Case to consumers at cost,” stated Booth. “This is not an income stream for our company — it’s a convenience to our customers.” For additional details and to purchase the Zippo Cargo Case, visit

About Zippo

Zippo Manufacturing Company, founded in 1932, is a leading global marketer of refillable windproof pocket and utility lighters with an unparalleled lifetime guarantee. Based in Bradford, Pennsylvania, the company and its 800 employees manufacture and distribute products to more than 120 countries. Zippo also owns and operates W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery, one of America’s oldest and finest cutlery manufacturers, and Zippo Fashion Italia, maker of Italian fashion leather goods. For more information about Zippo please visit

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