Churchill Wild Is Not Just About the Polar Bears’ Honey! Whales, Culture, and Northern Lights No Longer In Bears’ Shadows

CHURCHILL, Manitoba, Feb. 25 /PRNewswire/ — When in Rome, do you seek out the Coliseum and head home? No. Who does that? Visitors to Churchill, that’s who. For 30 years, travelers from all over the world have crowded into Churchill to see polar bears – and then they go home. A fine tactic if bears were Churchill’s only offering, however travelers will continue to miss the boat if they continue to see this vibrant seaport so partially.

Churchill Wild, a locally owned and operated eco-outfitter, has embraced Churchill fully. “This area is amazingly dynamic,” says Toni Morberg, Churchill Wild’s Director of Business Development, “and while the bears are an important and special part of our infrastructure, a monopolistic tourism season has resulted. We are doing our part to balance this by providing an adventure in each of Churchill’s seasons.”

Summer in Churchill for instance, is one of the only times and places to see large congregations of beluga whales. Guests don’t just “whale watch” on the “Birds, Bears, and Belugas” trip; they (dry) suit up to snorkel with these friendly cetaceans. You won’t be alone with the whales however; polar bears have been hunting them the last few summers and en route to the sea, they make regular stops at Churchill Wild’s Seal River Heritage Lodge where the beluga visitors stay.

Springtime is prime aurora borealis viewing time. Area residents have marveled at the aurora for centuries, however not from the comfort of a modern home or lodge but from an igloo. Out of respect for both the native people and culture of this land, Churchill Wild’s igloo building adventure titled “Fire and Ice” was born. Traverse the tundra by dog-sled and then with a luxurious eco-lodge and premier guide at your side, build your own igloo (for a night’s stay if you so choose).

Fall in the north is the season of colors, both in the sky and on the ground. At Churchill Wild’s Northern Lights Lodge, amazing photographic opportunities await those seeking the ambers and reds of a boreal landscape in autumn. Fishing, a significant part of arctic culture, is built into the “Lights in the Wild” program so guests can catch their supper without having to cook it. Might even be one of the best meals of your life; Churchill Wild serves recipes from their award-winning cookbook series “Blueberries and Polar Bears” (

Of course Churchill Wild has polar bear tours as well, and as you’d expect, it remains their most popular adventure. That said, a trip to Churchill means belugas and bears in the same photograph. It means clear and expansive skies by day and northern lights by night. Each season offers treasures unavailable in the others and to think that for decades, thousands of people have missed most of them.

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