US Airways Implements Flexible Travel Policy due to Winter Weather Conditions in the East

ARLINGTON, Va., Feb. 28 /PRNewswire/ — US Airways has implemented its flexible travel policy for customers scheduled to fly to and from destinations affected by a late winter weather system in the Eastern U.S.

Customers with itineraries for travel to and from the following destinations Feb. 27 through March 1, 2005, can make changes to their itineraries and US Airways will waive the standard change fee and advance reservation and ticketing requirements:

* Connecticut * New York
* Maine * Pennsylvania
* Maryland * Rhode Island
* Massachusetts * Vermont
* New Hampshire * Virginia
* New Jersey * West Virginia

For flights cancelled due to these weather conditions, US Airways will provide the following options to customers, at no extra cost:

* Reschedule travel to originate up to seven days later;

* Re-accommodation on alternate flights on US Airways, or on another
airline if an alternative flight does not depart within four hours;

* Customers en route can return to their city of origin and reschedule
travel to originate up to seven days later; or

* Receive a refund for the full value of the ticket.

If US Airways continues to operate to the affected destinations, customers can still make certain changes without incurring the standard change fee, advance reservation or ticketing requirements. Allowed changes include:

* The entire itinerary can be moved forward or delayed, up to seven days
from the scheduled origination date. The length of travel cannot be
changed; or

* The full value of wholly unused tickets can be applied toward the
purchase of a ticket to an alternate destination, with travel to
originate within seven days of the scheduled origination date.

Customers traveling on certain fares — such as some available from third party ticket discounters, including, but not limited to, discount travel Web sites — may not have all elements of the policy available to them. Customers ticketed by US Airways for travel on airlines other than US Airways, US Airways Shuttle, or US Airways Express must follow the rules of the airline operating the service.

Itinerary changes are subject to booking code availability, and in certain cases, an additional collection fee. Customers will be able to stand by for alternate flights without incurring the standby fee if a satisfactory alternate itinerary cannot be confirmed.

For more information on US Airways flight schedules and fares, contact US Airways online at Details of allowed itinerary changes are available on US Airways’ Web site at

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