Travelers Advantage(R) Travel Tips: 10 Travel Tips to Ensure Smooth Sailing Through Airport Security

NORWALK, Conn., March 3 /PRNewswire/ — In an era of heightened security awareness — and as the Transportation Security Administration launches a new pledge to customer service and airport safety — it is more important than ever to be a savvy and prepared traveler who can efficiently navigate airport security checkpoints. In this spirit of travel preparedness, Travelers Advantage(R) has developed a travelers’ checklist — 10 convenient tips to help you smoothly move through airport security — and get on with your trip.

“Our aim is to help people move more efficiently through airport security by gaining a better understanding of what they can do to speed the process,” said Julia Ryan, vice president of Travelers Advantage and “Through our growing partnership with the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security, we are developing more steps toward keeping air travel safe, while getting you on your way as quickly as possible.”

The TSA recently launched a “Pledge To Travelers” for people who go through the screening process at America’s airports, in an effort to provide world-class security with world-class customer service. The seven-point TSA pledge can be found at

Travelers Advantage’s collaborative partnership with TSA and the Department of Homeland Security was established last year to help educate the traveling public by communicating changes and developments in security procedures and protocols prior to their arrival at airports, while seeking to affect changes in travel behaviors that will result in a more efficient security screening.

“Airport security personnel pull people aside for further screening on a random basis,” Ryan added. “If this happens to you, don’t panic or become upset — we’re all aiming for the same goal of keeping air travel safe.” The 10 Travelers Advantage tips for smooth sailing through airport security are:

1. Check the Permitted and Prohibited Items list on the TSA web site.
2. As you head toward the security area, take a deep breath and remain
calm. Check and be sure you have your boarding pass and a
government-issued photo identification card ready for security
3. Place valuables (jewelry, cash, laptop computers, and cash) only in
carry-on baggage.
4. Before you get to the screening checkpoint, place your mobile phones,
keys, loose change, money clips, PDA’s, lighters, and metal hair
accessories in your carry-on bag.
5. At the screening station, remove your laptop from its case and send it
through the X-ray machine in its own plastic tray. Don’t forget to
label your laptop computer with your name, address and telephone
number. These are one of the most frequently forgotten items at
screening checkpoints.
6. Store all undeveloped film and cameras containing film in your
carry-on baggage. Ask for a hand inspection if you want to ensure that
the X-ray machine does not damage your film.
7. If you are bringing a gift to friends or relatives, wrap it after you
arrive at your destination. Otherwise, you might have to unwrap it to
pass through security — even if it is in checked luggage.
8. Avoid carrying bottles of liquid through the screening checkpoint.
9. Take your time unpacking and repacking your belongings — or you may
leave your laptop, keys, or wallet behind.
10. Be prepared to remove your shoes and belt; many contain small pieces
of metal.

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