Take a Dream Vacation to the Grand Canyon

Every family wants to take that trip to the Grand Canyon, but for many it never happens. Whether it’s because of time or money none can say, but now every family can afford to take a trip and witness the beauty and majesty of the Grand Canyon.

Vegastours.com is launching new tour packages not only for the Grand Canyon, but the South Rim, Hoover Dam, West Rim Indian Adventure, and Wild West Adventures. They’re also offering Superb VIP Luxury Tour Packages at fantastic values.

At better than half price off, tourists can go see the South Rim of the Grand Canyon which is 277 miles long, 18 miles wide and 1 mile deep. This is a fully escorted tour that includes a photo tour of Hoover Dam and a free lunch.

Another great tour available is the Grand Canyon West Rim Helicopter landing and Picnic. Here, you can enjoy a once in a lifetime V.I.P. tour of the Grand Canyon. The tour includes limousine transfer, helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon, landing in Indian country on the Canyon floor. You also enjoy a delicious complementary picnic lunch.

As well known as the Grand Canyon is, it is hard to remember that it was not always the National Monument it is today. The Grand Canyon was first inhabited 11,000 years ago by the Paleo-hunters who went there chasing big game. Since then, many different tribes of Indians have inhabited the Grand Canyon region such as the Cerbat, Navajo, and the Tusayan Pueblo.

Hundreds of years later, the Spanish came to Southwest America in search of riches. The nobleman Francisco Vasquez de Coronado sent Garcia Lopez de Cardenas and some men to explore the Grand Canyon. They officially became the first Europeans to ever see the Canyon. However, they left disappointed because they couldn’t find a way across the mighty Grand Canyon.

In 1857, the Americans explored the Grand Canyon when Lieutenant Joseph Ives and his party ventured forth into what he called a “profitless locality.”

However, Ives turned out to be very wrong in his assumption that the Grand Canyon was “profitless,” because in the late 1800’s the U.S. government promoted the West as a land of abundant resources just waiting to be harvested. The West turned out to be rich in resources such as zinc, copper, lead and asbestos.

After the rush of people that had come to get rich from mining minerals had subsided, a man named Fred Harvey decided to provide people with a hotel when they came to visit the Grand Canyon. So in 1905 he opened the exquisite El Tovar Hotel.

Then in 1908, president Roosevelt came to visit the Grand Canyon. He loved and appreciated the beauty of the Canyon so much that he changed its status of a National Forest and Game Preserve to a National Monument. However, that wasn’t good enough for the members of congress. So in 1919, congress made the Grand Canyon a National Park.

So if you’re looking to witness this historically rich and utterly beautiful National Park for yourself, go ahead and check out the offers we mentioned and other fantastic tours offered from Vegastours.com. For more information on these tours and other Grand Canyon adventures visit http://www.vegastours.com. Or for more information on the history of the Grand Canyon visit http://www.americanparknetwork.com/.

Photo Credit: Arizona Office of Tourism

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