African Safari Expert Offers New Digital Photography Safaris

African safari experts, Eyes on Africa, Ltd., have created new Digital Photography safaris to Southern Africa.

Chicago, IL, USA (PRWEB) March 2, 2006 — African safari experts, Eyes on Africa, Ltd., are offering new Digital Photography safaris to Southern Africa.

These exclusive African safaris combine personalized photographic instruction, luxury accommodation, and pristine wilderness settings to create an unique African adventure and wilderness experience for discerning travelers.

This new offering is designed for anyone interested in learning the art and techniques of digital photography, while experiencing a premier-level African wildlife safari.

A professional photographer with digital expertise guides the safaris and will provide plenty of one-on-one, personal instruction. The distinctive classroom includes Southern Africa’s premier wildlife destinations, including Botswana, Namibia, and Zambia.

“Digital photography is the new hot topic for travelers going on African safaris,” says James Weis, professional photographer and President of Eyes on Africa. “The amazing wildlife and beautiful scenery experienced on an African safari make it a superb environment for photography.”

“Digital cameras have now become the norm with our African safari clients and I field questions on digital photography every day,” says Weis. “Dropping off film for development has now been replaced by a do-it-yourself digital workflow, but many people are still not comfortable with the new demands of digital photography.”

The Digital safaris are specifically geared towards digital photographers and their specialized requirements. Trips are limited to 10 guests, with a maximum of only 4 to a vehicle, to optimize space for equipment and photography. The safaris take sole use of safari camps in most cases, allowing for extra privacy and exclusivity.

Additional logistics not otherwise available on a safari to Africa include extra baggage allowances for camera gear, digital presentation equipment in the camps for reviewing the day’s images and evening instruction, and extra recharging facilities in the camps.

Classroom instruction takes place in the safari camps, with sessions on composition, digital asset management, digital workflow, Photoshop tutorials, and ink-jet printing. The workshops are customized for all levels of experience.

For further information on booking a Digital safari to Africa, including photos and details about Africa’s wildlife, its national parks and safari camps, contact James Weis or visit Eyes on Africa on the web.

About Eyes on Africa
Eyes On Africa plans and operates African safaris to Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia, and Malawi. Owned by James Weis and Nicky Glover, the company has achieved continued success since its inception and was selected “most knowledgeable regional expert for Southern Africa / Safaris” by National Geographic Traveler Magazine in their 20th Anniversary Special Issue, October 2004.

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