New Travel Tool Locates the Most Comfortable Airline Seat on most Airplanes… Providing At-A-Glance Airline Seat Reviews and Ratings

Launched today, the Airplane Seat Comfort Scorecard™ is the first place travelers should turn to ensure they secure the most comfortable airline seats. Thanks to its enhanced search feature, can automatically locate the best and worst seats on your next flight.

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 22, 2006 — A recent Gallup Poll revealed that a full 60 percent of air travelers say they’ve experienced at least minor problem with their seat comfort, with 19 percent citing airline seat discomfort as a major issue. Frequent complaints range from lack of legroom to no recline, and everything in between. If travelers were informed to these issues prior to selecting their airline seat assignments, they could make more informed decisions, thereby experiencing a more enjoyable flight. But with dozens of airlines to choose from and seat layouts changing all the time, where does the time-pressed air traveler turn for such information? The Airplane Seat Comfort Scorecard™ located at arms air travelers with the information they need to make the most informed airline seat selections.

The Airplane Seat Comfort Scorecard™ is the product of over 4,200 hours of analysis and research. Researchers have scanned and reviewed both U.S and International seat information, and more than 20 independent research firms took part in this process. Research is ongoing and updated continually. Seat Comfort Reviews™ are hand written and formatted by analysts using specialized research techniques. Researchers created the proprietary Seat Comfort Scorecard™ to independently evaluate airplane interiors and seating comfort for each seat on the aircraft.

Researchers analyze multiple sources to find the best airplane interior, seat comfort, and in-flight service information available. All available research data is evaluated using the Airplane Seat Comfort Scorecard™ System. Airplane Seat Comfort Reports™ are created that include seat reviews, seat ratings, seat scores, aircraft interior information, best and worst seats, and in-flight service summaries.

With its unparalleled coverage of over 10,000 seat reviews of more than 300 planes on 70 major airlines, air travelers should refrain from booking even the most enticing cheap tickets or travel deals without first checking out Airplane Seat Comfort Scorecard™ at Airlines include both domestic carriers such Jet Blue, United Airlines, Delta, American Airlines, JetBlue Airlines and Southwest Airlines, as well as international carriers such as Air Canada, Quantas, KLM, Singapore, Swiss Air, Malaysian and British Airways. The scorecard covers airplanes such as Boeing 747, 737, 777 and Airbus a380, a320 and a319 aircraft.

For more information on’s enhanced airline-seat-searching capabilities and licensing opportunities, contact Steve Smith at (858) 384-0266. To learn how you can get more comfort and enjoyment out of your airline travel, visit the company online at

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