BODIES REVEALED To Debut in Mexico City on March 11th at Foro Polanco

Tickets to the Blockbuster Exhibition Go on Sale Today

ATLANTA, Feb. 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Premier Exhibitions, Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: PXHB) today announced that, in association with Concert Productions International and Jam Exhibitions, it will present Bodies Revealed, in Mexico City this March, after a record breaking appearance in Seoul, South Korea. The controversial exhibition, which has shattered attendance records in other cities, will open on Saturday, March 11th at the new Foro Polanco, which is located at 328 Moliere Street. Bodies Revealed will showcase 14 whole-body specimens and more than 250 organs and partial body specimens giving visitors the opportunity to see their own bodies in a fascinating way they never have before. The exhibition will be presented in conjunction with OCESA, a leader in live entertainment.

Tickets for the popular exhibition will go on sale today and can be obtained through Ticketmaster. Organizers urge the public to purchase advance tickets to ensure admittance when the exhibition opens in March. The exhibition will be open 7 days a week, Monday – Wednesday 9am – 7pm and Thursday – Sunday 9am – 9pm.

The body doesn’t lie. Bodies Revealed uncovers the truth about the human body. It gives the public the opportunity to see ‘what lies beneath’ their own skin. The exhibition will allow the public inside a world that has been taboo for centuries — available only to the medical profession. It offers an insider’s view of the systems that keep us alive and that carry out the activities that we take for granted every day. The exhibition also serves as a wake-up call reminding us that our own decisions directly affect our health and our lives and includes powerful side-by-side comparisons of a healthy lung and a black lung ravaged by smoking. The exhibition encourages healthy lifestyle choices. The exhibition will change the way people see themselves. It is designed to enlighten, empower, fascinate, and inspire.

The President and CEO of Premier Exhibitions, Mr. Arnie Geller stated, “This is our first venture in Mexico City and we are confident that our partnership with OCESA/CIE (the New York-based international promoter division of Corporacion Interamericana de Entretenimiento S.A. de C.V.), the leading live entertainment conglomerate serving the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets in Mexico, Latin America, the United States and Spain will result in our continued string of record breaking visitor attendance. This exhibition gives its audience the power to see how amazing their bodies really are and exemplifies the world’s thirst to understand anatomy.”

Bodies Revealed will provide the public with a unique opportunity to see inside carefully preserved anatomical specimens and learn the detailed structure and function of the human body. In this process, human tissue is permanently preserved using liquid silicone rubber that is treated and hardened. The end result is a rubberized specimen, preserved to the cellular level, showcasing the complexity of the body’s many bones, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and organs. The full-body specimens can take more than a year to prepare. After undergoing the polymer preservation process, they become impervious to decomposition.

Premier Exhibitions, Inc. is a major provider of museum quality touring exhibitions throughout the world.

The organizers of Bodies Revealed have similar exhibitions currently open at the Museum of Science & Industry in Tampa, Florida and South Street Seaport Exhibition Centre in New York City where they have drawn record breaking crowds. CPI is a multi-faceted entertainment entity with expertise in all areas of live concert and event production including tour marketing, merchandising, sponsorship, broadcast, home entertainment, as well as theatrical productions, including Broadway’s smash hit “Spamalot” and the new “Lord of the Rings” stage production, and has promoted 5 of the 6 top grossing concert tours of all time including tours by the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, U2 and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. The exhibition is managed by Jam Exhibitions, a division of Jam Theatricals, a Chicago-based entertainment company that presents and produces Broadway engagements throughout North America. Founded in 1977 by Arny Granat, Jerry Mickelson and Steve Traxler, Jam Theatricals manages subscription seasons in more than 30 cities, produces on Broadway, is the recipient of two Tony Awards for “Spamalot” and “Glengarry Glen Ross,” and is currently producing the upcoming Broadway musical “The Wedding Singer.”

OCESA PRESENTS Inc., is the New York-based international promotion division of Corporacion Interamericana de Entretenimiento S.A. de C.V., the leading live entertainment conglomerate serving the Spanish and Portuguese- speaking markets in Latin America, the United States and Spain.

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