Carlson Wagonlit Travel Offers Tips for Smoother Summer Business Travel

How Business Travelers Can Minimize Stress During Hectic Summer Season

MINNEAPOLIS, July 12 /PRNewswire/ — Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) has these suggestions for business travelers who must take to the skies during a record summer travel season.

“The summer of 2005 is shaping up to have record high demand and reduced airline capacity,” said Jack O’Neill, CWT chief operating officer, North America. “When you add standard weather delays and labor issues to the mix, travel can be challenging for executives traveling for business during this peak time. The good news is that there are simple strategies travelers can use to have smoother sailing this summer.”

To minimize stress and irritation, CWT suggests that business travelers:

— Take advantage of online check-in and security wait time resources.
Travelers who print boarding passes before leaving for the airport –
or who take advantage of self-service check-in kiosks — can save time
and avoid long lines. In addition, the Transportation Security
Administration (TSA) offers a Web-based service allowing travelers to
determine the average wait time for security checkpoints at a specific
airport for a specific time of day. To get a sense for how much time
to allow for going through security, travelers can access this
resource under the Travel Tips section of the TSA Web site at .
— Travel light. Whenever possible, pack a carry-on bag rather than
checking luggage. This can save waiting twenty to thirty minutes for
luggage at the end of a trip. In addition, before flying travelers
should familiarize themselves with airline baggage restrictions. While
the type and number of carry-on bags vary by airline, it’s advisable
to keep carry-on bag dimensions between 9″x14″x22″ and less than 40
pounds. Passengers traveling on regional jets should inquire about the
ability to check-and retrieve-bags planeside, which will eliminate a
wait at the luggage carousel.
— Time it right. Experienced travelers know it’s best to fly early in
the day for maximum flexibility in the event of delays or
cancellations. Those booked on the last flight of the day may face
late arrival times or unexpected overnight stays. In addition, when
corporate travel policy and budget permit, business travelers should
book direct flights to eliminate the chances of missing a connecting
— Carry emergency phone numbers. With the high likelihood of travel
delays from summer storms or overbooking, business travelers should
carry with them the phone number of their corporate travel management
company and airline to make rescheduling more convenient.
— Dress smart. Choose travel attire wisely to avoid security checkpoint
delays — steer clear of shoes with steel tips or buckles; clothing
with metal snaps or buttons; metal hair barrettes; and belt buckles.
If possible, wear shoes that are easy to slide on and off, as many
airports require passengers to remove footwear before entering the
security checkpoint.
— Mark laptop. When flying with a laptop, travelers should attach a
business card or some other mark to the lid to lessen chances of
picking up the wrong computer at the security screening. If possible,
consider traveling without a computer to avoid the inconvenience of
pulling a laptop computer out of a carry-on bag at the security
checkpoint. Instead, stay connected through a hotel business center or
bring a PDA.
— Stay fit. Exercise is a proven stress-reliever, but travel schedules
can make it hard to maintain a consistent fitness routine. Make a
point of fitting in a workout on the road. Many hotels offer good gyms
or access to a nearby fitness facility. Travelers an also hit the
streets for a brisk walk or run.
— Squeeze in some local culture. Being away from family and friends in
the short summer months can be especially difficult for many business
travelers. Book hotel accommodations near an area of interest, so that
a quick visit to an art gallery or restaurant is feasible. Even a
thirty-minute or hour indulgence at a local attraction can make summer
business travel more enjoyable.

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