St. Patrick’s Day Parade Celebration Even Bigger This Year With Genesys Screens for Live Coverage for Entire Weekend!

NEW YORK, Jan. 27 /PRNewswire/ — Genesys Broadcasting Corporation is proud to announce that St. Patrick’s Day Parade Inc. will be launching a weekend campaign in New York City in partnership with Genesys from Friday March 17th to Sunday March 19th 2006.

It is the first time in the history of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade that two giant outdoor LED Screens will be set up on the 5th Avenue parade route, strategically located across Central Park South and next to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on 85th Street.

The campaign is designed to make the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Celebration more memorable with the giant outdoor screens illuminated to show live coverage of the Parade on Friday and recordings of the parade throughout the entire weekend. Sponsors of the parade will gain more exposure as a result of the addition of Genesys screens this year. The parade will have an anticipated audience of over 2 million New Yorkers and visitors on the day of the event and double that number over the entire weekend.

The annual parade to honor the patron saint of Ireland is a New York tradition that dates back to 1762. The parade this year is dedicated to the Fighting 69th Infantry, New York Army National Guard who served in Iraq and the 19 who were killed in action.

The 245th St. Patrick’s Day Grand Marshal will be Mr. Timothy J. Rooney, the proud son of Arthur Rooney, the founder of The Pittsburgh Steelers NFL. Mr. Rooney was a partner for 10 years at Chaplin, McGuiness & Co., and an associate member of the New York and American Stock Exchanges.

The St Patrick’s Day Parade Inc. Chairman, Mr. John T. Dunleavy, expressed his delight in having live screens setup on the Parade route: “We are excited to have this opportunity to share the ‘oldest, largest, and the best’ Parade live on these two screens for the entire weekend. It is important that we promote and preserve the dignity of the day we celebrate.”

“It is an honor for Genesys to work with St. Patrick’s Day Parade Inc. on the first public live-broadcast of this event on outdoor screens,” said Ms. Linda Han, Chief Operating Officer of Genesys Broadcasting Corporation. “We are excited that proud participants marching in the Parade and our sponsors’ messages will be seen many blocks away on these giant screens elevated 15 feet off the ground. This will further enhance the overall experience for people in New York City that weekend.”

To be a sponsor on the Genesys Screens that runs for the entire weekend of the parade, please contact Genesys Broadcasting for your package.

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