No Other Travel Insurance Company Has Ever Offered Travelers So Much Protection

New CSA Plans Give Travelers More Reasons to Feel Secure With Industry’s First I.D. Theft Protection, Longer Purchase Window for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions/Travel Supplier Bankruptcy Coverage, 24-Hour Nurse Help Line

SAN DIEGO, June 13 /PRNewswire/ — With identity theft, medical coverage and access to medical information among the top concerns of travelers worldwide, CSA Travel Protection is including solutions for all three in its new travel insurance plans.

In addition to providing the travel insurance industry’s first and only identity theft coverage, the new plans make it easier for travelers to obtain coverage for pre-existing medical conditions and the financial default of any travel supplier on their trip.

Two plans automatically refund the insurance premium to travelers who cancel their trip for any reason, covered or not. Those two plans also provide CSA’s highest benefit levels for medical expenses/evacuation: $250,000/ $1 million.

The new features and benefits are included with the CSA Comfort Plan, CSA Luxe Plan, CSA Freestyle and CSA Freestyle Luxe. All plans are available from travel agents and on the Internet. Because the Freestyle plans are Web-based, their low prices beat the competition more than 70 percent of the time.

Included I.D. Theft Protection and More Time to Decide

Each new CSA plan offers travelers the following reasons to feel more secure before, during and after their vacations:

* I.D. Theft Protection Services for Six Months: Policyholders who
suspect their identity has been compromised can call CSA toll-free or
collect. Trained anti-fraud experts will help guide them through the
steps necessary for restoring their credit profile.

* More Time to Decide: Travelers now have up to final trip payment to
decide if they want coverage for pre-existing medical conditions and
supplier financial default.

* 24-Hour Nurse Help Line: Travelers who need medical advice before or
during their trip can consult with a registered nurse anytime with a
free phone call from anywhere in the world. They also can be referred
to qualified medical facilities worldwide through CSA’s included
24-Hour Emergency Assistance Services.

The CSA Luxe and Freestyle Luxe plans add the following greater benefits to give travelers ultimate peace of mind:

* CSA’s highest benefit levels for medical expenses/evacuation:
$250,000/$1 million

* Automatic refund of insurance premium if the buyer cancels a trip for
any reason, covered or not (when insurance purchased before final trip

“In other words, if you don’t travel, your insurance costs are refunded. Period. No questions asked,” said Les Maine, Chairman and President of CSA Travel Protection. “We feel our customers shouldn’t have to pay for trip insurance if they can’t go on their trip.

“We’ve also eliminated the artificial ‘within 14 days of initial trip deposit’ restriction on pre-ex and supplier default, allowing consumers to buy full coverage up to final trip payment, the most natural time to buy travel insurance.”

Debuting June 13, the new travel insurance plans mark a new chapter for CSA, an industry pioneer and innovator.

“This is more than just new products,” Maine said. “It’s also the launch of ‘The New Spirit of CSA,’ an attitude that embodies new and better coverage for all types of travelers. We call it ‘Simply Better’ in every respect, from benefits to ordering to customer service and claims. ‘Simply Better’ reinforces our commitment to consumers across all aspects of our company.”

The new CSA plans and their Web site addresses as of June 13 are as follows:

* CSA Comfort Plan,, attractively
priced with unprecedented value and coverage

* CSA Luxe Plan,, designed for upscale
travelers, it carries the highest medical expenses/evacuation benefit
of any CSA plan: $250,000/$1 million

* CSA Freestyle,, the best travel insurance
value on the Web, with low prices that beat the competition more than
70 percent of the time

* CSA Freestyle Luxe,, for Freestyle buyers
who want the peace of mind of pre-ex and supplier financial default,
plus CSA’s highest medical expenses/evacuation benefit levels:
$250,000/$1 million

To learn more about any of the new plans, consumers can contact their travel agent, visit the Web sites above or call (800) 348-9505 toll-free.

About CSA Travel Protection(R)

Headquartered in San Diego, California, CSA Travel Protection provides an extensive array of comprehensive and competitively priced travel insurance and travel assistance services designed to meet every vacation traveler’s needs. CSA continuously reinforces its leadership position with the introduction of innovative product enhancements that set the industry standard. Founded in 1991, CSA’s retail and custom products and services are offered by more than 7,000 travel-related outlets nationwide. For more information, visit or call (800) 348-9505 toll-free.

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