Da Vinci Capers Connects Travelers with Passions

Explore your passions for cuisine, fine arts and language in Tuscany in a week long immersion travel experience, The Da Vinci Capers.

Forget the frenetic search for Da Vinci’s Code. Instead, travelers can experience in depth Tuscany’s culinary heritage, the fine arts and passion for language through a week long immersion adventure, Da Vinci Capers – A Personal Renaissance Journey.

Each participant can discover their own code to enlightenment through guided immersion in the disciplines mastered by Leonardo da Vinci. They include:

¤ Hands-on, nose-alert cooking lesson

¤ Tasting local wines and olive oils

¤ Drawing, painting and sculpting

¤ Touring a marble studio

¤ Expressing yourself in Italian and writing in your native tongue

“Leonardo shows us by example and through his writings, that to really learn and to spark our creativity, we must experience it. In order to really experience an activity such as cooking, drawing, learning a language or writing, it is best to have an open mind and just have fun with it,” says Barbara Hardesty, founder of Da Vinci Capers.

This fall the Da Vinci Capers experience is set in two beautiful locations in Tuscany: the luxury of Villa Michaela, on October 8-14, 2006 and October 15-21, 2006, or the rustic medieval hamlet of Peralta on September 24-30, 2006.

For more information visit www.davincicapers.com or contact Barbara Petrarca Hardesty at 303-284-1383.

PHOTO CAPTION: In Sem Studio in Pietrasanta, as in “Leonardo fashion”, sculpting marble while spending the afternoon learning how to sculpt in terra cotta in the late sculptress, Fiore de Henriquez’s studio

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