Da Vinci Machines Exhibit Coming to Palm Springs Air Museum

LOS ANGELES, March 15 /PRNewswire/ — The mechanical devices designed and described by Leonardo da Vinci are featured in a new exhibition that makes Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” even more intriguing. The exhibit, called “The Da Vinci Experience,” features more than 60 working replicas of Da Vinci’s machines. The exhibit will have its West Coast inauguration at the Palm Springs Air Museum in November.

Sought after and appreciated as an artist at court, Da Vinci was also concerned with scientific subjects, applying his knowledge of mechanics to military and civil engineering works and dedicating himself to the study of anatomy, biology, mathematics and physics. A group of Florentine artisans have spent the last half century studying the notes and drawings of Da Vinci’s various projects, and have created this international exhibition of fully functional and interactive models of Da Vinci’s creations — including a car and a chamber of mirrors never before displayed in the United States.

Godfrey Harris, Exhibition Manager, noted, “For all of Leonardo da Vinci’s great achievements, he had his share of mistakes, failures, and disappointments. In driving himself to overcome a disadvantageous background, he successfully addressed a number of issues that he hoped would bring him recognition, status and wealth. I think we are fascinated by Leonardo because he was an ordinary man who accomplished extraordinary things.”

The machines in the exhibit are organized around three themes: transportation, military and mechanical. Each model has been built according to Da Vinci’s notes and with the materials available in 15th century Italy. Eleven machines are full-sized and 25 are interactive. People of all ages will be delighted by the chance to manipulate these machines to see how they were intended to function. Each replica is displayed with a facsimile of the relevant Da Vinci drawing.

Harris/Ragan Management Group has contracted with Teknoart Australasia Pty. Ltd. to bring “The Da Vinci Experience” to Western North America. A smaller display of the machines just closed in New Zealand where approximately 100,000 visitors saw the exhibit, more than three times the museum’s original projections. The Palm Springs Air Museum, on Gene Autry Trail off I-10, will host the exhibit beginning on November 3, 2006 and closing on February 25, 2007.

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