Early Birds Catch Extra Free Travel Day on Eurail Selectpasses Purchased…..

Between January and March for Travel in 2006

UTRECHT, The Netherlands, December 12/PRNewswire/ —

- Explore 3, 4, or 5 Adjoining Countries With Extra Free Travel Day on 6, 8 or 10 Days Within 2 Months

Starting January 1,2006, Eurail will repeat its popular Early Bird promotion for Eurail Selectpass that gives an extra free day of unlimited rail travel in three, four or five adjoining European countries. From January to March, Eurail Selectpasses purchased for 6, 8 or 10 days of travel within a 2-month period will become 7-, 9- and 11-day passes. With six months from date of purchase to begin using the pass, travelers have only to decide which countries to visit and the number of travel days at time of purchase, and then can plan their day-by-day itineraries at leisure.

“For anyone interested in cutting down travel costs, this is a great deal,” said RenĂ© de Groot, Eurail’s Managing Director. “While Eurail Passes are always excellent value, the Early Bird offer provides an extra edge – and another incentive to enjoy the excitement, flexibility and sheer fun of traveling on Europe’s trains.”

Traveling from city center to city center, trains save money on travel to and from airports as well as time spent in airport security and baggage claim lines. No need to fill car tanks with Europe’s high-priced gasoline, or drive around looking for parking. Relaxing in comfort, enjoying the passing scenery, travelers often are more open to engaging in conversation with fellow passengers, further enriching their experience of Europe.

With approximately 750 country combinations to choose from, travelers can go just about anywhere they want. Adjoining countries can also be linked by Eurail’s bonus partner shipping lines – yielding some unexpected but interesting combinations like France and Ireland, Germany and Sweden and Spain and Italy. Eurail makes it easy to custom-tailor Selectpasses with a chart of adjoining countries on its Web site at www.eurail.com, including rail and shipping connections. The 22 Eurail countries are connected by frequent and regular train service, which is rarely delayed – unlike air travel, whose less frequent service is sometimes disrupted by weather and mechanical problems.

Pass prices will be available beginning January 1, 2006 from our authorised sales agents worldwide: ACP Rail International, www.eurail-acprail.com; Rail Europe, www.raileurope.fr/representatives; Flight Centre, www.flightcentre.com and Gullivers Travel Associates www.gta-travel.com.

The Eurail Group comprises 26 railways and shipping lines, as well as several bonus partners. For more information about Eurail and rail travel in Europe, go to www.Eurail.com.

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