Fall is Best Time to Visit Cape Cod

Survey of Locals Reveals Reasons

ORLEANS, Mass., Aug. 25 /PRNewswire/ — Each summer millions of tourists visit Cape Cod. With 600 miles of coastline and 150 fresh and saltwater beaches, the Cape is a great place to get away from the heat.

However, locals believe that fall is truly the best time to visit. Fall is when they tell friends and family to come, according to a recent survey by MoreBeach.com, a Web site that provides detailed information about Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, http://www.morebeach.com/.

Here are some of the most popular reasons:
* Crowds are gone. There are no more miles-long backups getting onto and
off of the Cape. Waiting at restaurants is over. Beach parking lots
have plenty of spaces, bike trails are wide open and getting a tee time
for golf is a snap. It’s even possible for a car to make left-hand
turn again!
* The weather is perfect. It’s comfortably warm during the day and nicely
cool at night. The sky is a brilliant blue and the lower angle of the
sun creates stronger shadows that inspire artists. Sunrises and sunsets
are fantastic.
* No more bugs. Bites from greenhead flies and the tiny flying pinheads
that locals call “noseeums” are fees, like beach parking, paid only
from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
* Free access to all beaches. During summer you need to have a town beach
sticker to visit many of the Cape’s best beaches — beaches which are
truly for “locals only.” There is no reciprocity between towns so a
sticker from Sandwich, for example, will not be helpful in Wellfleet.
In the summertime the beaches that are available to the public often
charge parking fees of $15 per day. After Labor Day all of the beaches
are open and the parking fees are gone. In early fall the water is
still warm enough to enjoy.
* Prime time for bird watching. Cape Cod is a rest stop for birds
migrating south for the winter. The marshes and ponds are great for
* Off season lodging rates and great shopping. Ten years ago much of the
Cape closed up after Labor Day. Not anymore. Today all of the best
shops remain open through Christmas. Seasonal activities are plentiful.
* Friendlier locals. Cape Codders smile again when the tourist deluge
becomes a drizzle. Just stop and ask one where you can get the best
* Fall foliage late in the season. When the leaves have peaked in New
Hampshire and Vermont they’re just getting started on the Cape — until
then, flowers of all shapes and colors are still in bloom.
* Great surfing. Hurricanes following the Gulf Stream often send clean
overhead waves to Cape Cod’s Atlantic beaches. Join in or just watch
the fun.
* Fishing is great in the Fall. The stripers will be biting. Striped
bass put up a fantastic fight and taste great too.

You can visit all of the beaches of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket online at http://www.morebeach.com/. MoreBeach.com offers recent photographs of every beach along with comprehensive links for lodging, restaurants, shopping, fishing, golf and a host of Cape Cod activities.

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