Fall Foliage Travel Shows Its Colors at TripCart.com

Revolutionary New Travel-Planning Site Inspires the Inner Adventurer

NEW YORK, NY, September 12, 2006—Later this month, as temperatures begin to cool and leaves begin to turn, millions of travelers are expected to take to the road in pursuit of Fall Foliage, and when they do, TripCart.com will be there to guide them at every step along the way.

Tripcart.com, the Web’s newest and most comprehensive travel research and planning site, has taken the guesswork out of chasing Fall’s ever-changing colors through its revolutionary combination of content and technology.

Using data from Google Maps alongside comprehensive information on the best places to go and what to do when you get there, TripCart will steer foliage hunters to the best locations, including little-known and unexpected places where travelers won’t have their views obscured by bumper-to-bumper sightseers. Plus, Tripcart has partnered with Mother Nature herself to present Fall’s evolving glory in real time, so users will know exactly where to point the car on their chosen weekend or blessed day off.

Highlights of TripCart’s Fall Foliage Guide include information on hundreds of scenic spots and routes:

• Zip-lining from tree to tree in New Hampshire
• Above the Hudson Valley in a 1929 open-cockpit biplane
• The Rockies’ Lands End Overlook, which offers one of the best
views of the Mesa, and of the golden aspens, located at the end of a 10-mile unpaved road
• Lunch at the Mohonk Mountain House or at Seneca Lake, while
enjoying a crisp local wine
• One of the nostalgic narrow-gauge railways in the Rockies and the
• The most popular foliage viewing areas north of Boston, including
State Road 128 – between Halibut Point State Park and Beverly

The Planner That Thinks Like a Traveler

Tripcart.com allows the adventure to begin before the first bag is packed.
Its innovative search interface goes beyond the cost-based, narrow-focus (and often boring) criteria of existing travel planning sites by thinking like the traveler in terms of activities, entertainment and local/regional attractions.

How does it work? The user builds a list of destinations based on multiple personalized criteria– including favorite activities, season, mode of travel and geographic preferences.
For instance, with the Fall Foliage Guide, Tripcart.com offers users not only information on where to find the Fall colors—and more—but how to get there, where to stay, what else to do, and where to eat. Simple and intuitive, it’s based on the user’s personalized criteria. Dream it, plan it, and out comes the customized itinerary—Tripcart’s content, the user’s notes, dates, and practical info all in one place.

As well as building itineraries, Tripcart is building a community. Users can access sample itineraries and go where their partners in adventure have already forged a trail, further ensuring that every excursion is rewarding, easy and fun.

The TripCart travel-planning experience has been three years in the making and is the result of the collaboration between a team of travel-obsessed engineers, Internet veterans and seasoned travel writers who have both first-hand expert knowledge of the subject area and an intuitive understanding of the needs of the leisure traveler. The result, says TripCart CEO and Co-Founder Elliot J. Cohen, is nothing short of

“We’ve created special content on Tripcart.com that covers a broad swath of the best Fall viewing, with special attention to given to the best areas of New England, the Mid-Atlantic region and the Colorado Rockies.”
Cohen adds, “We’ve included a special section on the best places to view the season’s colors within the five boroughs of New York City. But wherever travelers decide to go, we know that TripCart’s unique mix of winning content and robust, unique technology will provide them with what they’ve always wanted in a travel site: comprehensiveness, objectivity and ease-of-use.”

For more information on TripCart, or to begin planning your next excursion within the United States, please visit: www.tripcart.com

About Tripcart
Founded in 2005, TripCart is positioned to revolutionize the $73 billion online travel market with a unique solution targeting what analysts are calling the greatest growth area for Web 2.0 travel services:
activity-based online trip planning. Through partnerships with the full range of travel suppliers, TripCart is the first site to integrate real-time data from Google Maps, editorial from expert travel writers and personalized itinerary creation. Led by a team of hi-tech senior Israeli executives, the privately-funded firm boasts a winning combination of patented technology, innovative strategy and attractive, intuitive design.
For more information, visit www.tripcart.com.

Photo Credit: National Park Service

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